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Why I love running in the rain

It’s the fourth Wednesday of the month and that means Blogapalooza where we are challenged to write a post and publish it in one hour. Here is tonight’s challenge: (Once a month, for Blogapalooz-Hour, we are given a topic and have one hour to write about it. This month’s topic is, “Write about something you... Read more »

Say It Isn't So, Maria Sharapova

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I’m not a big tennis fan but I do pay attention whenever there is a story about the Williams sibling rivalry.  The only other tennis star I’ve really heard of is Maria Sharapova.  She is after all a five-times Grand Slam champion and the highest earning athlete in any female sport. UPDATE:  Maria Sharapova appealed... Read more »

Liberals could learn a few things from Southern Baptists

This is a post from a guest blogger, Kerri K. Morris, who writes Cancer is Not a Gift, also at ChicagoNow. Many thanks to Mysteries of Life for letting me use this space to air some political views. This is a strange election. As a progressive and liberal and an unapologetic atheist, I’ve found myself... Read more »

Dear Single People: Married People don't have a clue either

The following was posted by a friend of a friend on her Facebook page a while back: Question:  Ok, married FB friends…what’s your secret? I’ve been on every dating site and am also very self-aware. I’d like to think I’m a catch!!! What’s the dilly-o? My Answer:  No f-ing clue.  There isn’t any magic or... Read more »

If you really like a free app, make a donation to keep it around

To manage the emails for this blog, I used an app called Mailbox.  I also subscribe to a lot of other blogs (pro-tip for bloggers: do this!)  with this email address and the nice thing about the app was when I was behind in my reading, I could forward an email to the future.  It... Read more »