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Dear Chase Bank: Stop Spamming me

Every month, I get an email from my bank telling me that my statement is available online.  I also get one for my Chase Credit Card telling me that my balance and minimum due can be viewed online.  Finally, every time they tweak their site or terms of service, I get an email telling me... Read more »

Giving up Facebook friends for Lent

So for Lent I’m giving up something that I cannot easily un-give up once Lent is over. I’ve decided its time to cull my FB list. Yes I know that I swore I would never be one those people who unfriends someone just because they don’t remember who that person is, or haven’t talked to... Read more »

Why auto repairs "cost" more for a woman than for a man

So, apropos of nothing in particular, stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  A man backs his wife’s car into the garage and scraps the bumper.  He takes it to a body shop and they agree to spot it out for $100.  He gets the work done but doesn’t want to admit that he... Read more »

The Long story of our Flooded Basement

<strong>Our sump pump was in a locked position, burnt out.</strong>  My theory is that it was overworked from all the rain we got that April such that the sump pump simple said screw it, I give up.
It was the Wednesday morning before Memorial Day Weekend 2013 and Nightingale went down to the laundry room to toss her dress in the dryer to remove some wrinkles. She noticed a large pool of water around the floor drain. We usually get a little rain that seeps in through our Wizard of Oz doors... Read more »