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2015 Year in Review: half-assed edition

Every December I think about writing a year in review post but I always forget things that happened in the early part of the year (and by early I mean Jan-early Nov because, old age). This year I tried to keep a notepad file chronicling events as they occurred.  Unfortunately, while that was an improvement... Read more »

Thoughts and Questions about The Force Awakens

The following are my expanded thoughts on something I wrote in a discussion thread on this movie.  I’ve noticed that many fans are going in the same direction so  I wanted to get my thinky-thoughts out before reading more of anyone else’s.   I may update this post once or twice more as things take shape... Read more »

5 Simple Tricks to Extend the Battery Life Of Your iPhone

It seems everyone except my crazy aunts and racist uncles have a smart phone these days and they follow you everywhere.  Which means they are always on and always draining your battery.  If you’re a busy parent like me, you are often far away from your charger. Here are some cool tricks to impress your... Read more »

Why all the hate for the Holiday Newsletter?

Back in the days before social media, there was this animal called the Holiday Newsletter. The basic concept was innocuous enough.  Hello dear old friend.  I’m terrible at keeping in touch throughout the year so here is my annual attempt and reaching out and bringing you up to speed on what’s going on in my... Read more »

Want places like The Alley to stay open? Shop at them more often

After almost four decades of operation, Mark Thomas owner of The Alley said he was going to close his Lakeview shop. Thomas said the main reason was a long term construction project down the block is essentially killing foot traffic though he also cited online shopping and neighborhood crime as other contributing factors.  It probably... Read more »