Chicago Cautiously Optimistic About Cubs going to World Series

Photo Courtesy of Chicago Tribune

Photo Courtesy of Chicago Tribune

I’m writing the following for posterity. As of today, the Chicago Cubs are up 2 to 1 against the St Louis Cardinals in the NLDS. If they win today, they move on to the NLCS. Even if they don’t win today, they have one more chance Thursday in St Louis.

It certainly feels like

  1.  They will win today;
  2.  They will win the NLCS against most likely the New York Mets; and
  3.  They will win the World Series.

BUT…Cubs fans have been here before. There was a big drought between their last World Series appearance in 1945 and even making the playoffs until the 80s. And of course there was the 2003 NLCS and being 4 outs away and losing because of a botched double play and a tired pitcher, not an over zealous fan.

The Story So Far….

We knew the Cubs would be in the playoffs about a week before the regular season ended. That is, it became official. Many fans knew much earlier, like when they swept one of their wild card spot competitors. I was really nervous about a 1 game play-in. Because it would be just our (the fans) luck that the Cubs win 97 games and then lose the one playoff chance like they did in 2007 and 2008.

Let’s talk about those 97 wins. They went on a 8 game winning streak at the end of the RS, beating Pittsburgh to salvage the series, then Kansas City in a make up game, followed by sweeping the Reds and the Brewers. Then they won the play in game against the Pirates (4-0) to advance to the NLDS. At some point during that 8 game streak, there was nothing left to play for. Mathematically they could not catch up to Pittsburgh or St Louis and they would either face the Pirates or the Cardinals in their respective cities. yet they continued to win out, albeit against bottom dweller teams.

Naturally they lost the first game in St Louis, shut out 4-0, just as the Cubs had done to the Pirates.

At that point I knew that if they didn’t take the 2nd game it would be a difficult if not impossible climb to win the series. But they did, 6 – 3. And then they won Game 3. Watching Game 3 there was something about these Cubs players. It didn’t matter that the Cardinals took a 2-1 lead, or that the were one run away at 4-5. Even when they hit a two run homer in the 9th to make it 8-6 you could tell that the players knew they could come back. They didn’t have to of course because of good enough pitching.

That brings us to today…

The game is at 4:30 PM, which means will we know by Must See TV Prime Time whether or not the Cubs advance. My prediction is that if they win today, they go on to win the World Series. If they lose today, but win Game 5, then they go on to win the NLCS but lose the World Series.

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