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DIY Closet Shelf

<strong>Before:</strong>  There is over two feet of unused space at the top of our closet.  Adding another shelf would allow me to move less frequently used items higher up and recapture the two lower shelves for more frequently used items like bed linens.
A short while ago I had Erin from Organizing with Erin come over and evaluate our storage situation.  One thing she suggested was adding a shelf to our bedroom closet.  There were several ways I could go with this suggestion.  The easiest would be to get a board, plop it on some books and call... Read more »

8 sexy, not slutty Halloween costumes for ladies

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br><br>
<strong>Who: </strong> Lily Adams -- AT&T Mobile (IRL: Milana Vayntrub) <br><br>
<strong>Why She's Sexy:</strong>  Lily represents purity meets opportunity.  She's your high school girlfriend who came up to visit you at college.  
What you need to make the Costume work</strong>:  a casual blue button down shirt, preferably denim.  Add a name tag, an ATT logo and put your hair up in a <a href="" target="_blank">Sidewinder ponytail</a> and you are good to go.
Note:  This post is a work-in-progress.   I’m publishing to meet a deadline but please check back for updates. Halloween is my favorite holiday and it’s just around the corner.  As a kid, I loved it because free candy and Haunted Houses.  As an adult, I loved it because it was the one time a... Read more »

Chicago Cautiously Optimistic About Cubs going to World Series

I’m writing the following for posterity. As of today, the Chicago Cubs are up 2 to 1 against the St Louis Cardinals in the NLDS. If they win today, they move on to the NLCS. Even if they don’t win today, they have one more chance Thursday in St Louis. It certainly feels like  They... Read more »

Do Twins run in your family

This question seems to be a standard opening I get from a lot of people, many who run the gambit from close friend to virtual stranger.  I usually answer with: *) They do now. *) Well they mostly crawl but they are working on walking. Most people are just trying to make small talk and... Read more »

Pope Francis met with Kim Davis: So Fucking What

“Kim Davis Secretly Met with the Pope.” It’s true. A thrice-divorced woman met with a 78-year-old virgin to complain about married people. — God (@TheTweetOfGod) September 30, 2015 Pope Francis met Kim Davis at the Vatican Embassy during his stay in Washington.  To which I say, in the words of John Belushi:  “BIG….Deal!” A lot... Read more »