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Marathon training and blogging tip: be honest with yourself

When I was a Group Leader for CARA, every summer we’d have a crop of newbies who were training for the Chicago Marathon for the first time.  Most of them usually said the same thing, that they just wanted to finish the race. 18 weeks later they’d run the marathon and they would all finish... Read more »

Robert A. Heinlein thinks you should be able to do these 21 things

Robert Anson Heinlein (1907–1988) is considered to be among the “Big Three” of science fiction authors (Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke being the other two).  He wrote StarShip Troopers and other great works of Speculative Fiction in the Sci-fi genre.  He also had a remarkable life; you should definitely Google him and read up... Read more »

What Dungeons and Dragons taught me about the Game of Life

Remember in college when you played Dungeons and Dragons for the first time?  You don’t? Okay for those of you who were busy having sex in college like normal students, let me give you a crash course. In Dungeons and Dragons, by rolling special dice, players create characters with different races, classes, abilities and alignments. ... Read more »

There Can be Only One...Six Corners in Chicago

<strong>This is NOT Six Corners</strong> <br><p>
<em>(Photo curtesy of Tom Osran)</em>
Throughout the city there are plenty of intersections where three arterial streets* intersect. What most people don’t realize is that calling any of these intersections Six Corners is likely to out you as a transplant. The intersection of Milwaukee, Cicero and Irving Park has always been referred to as Six Corners. It’s a proud name... Read more »

Driving to work with the demons in my head

Like most members of the rat race, I have a long commute to the office.  I use to take the El to work but a few years ago a new job landed me in the western suburbs where my company keeps its IT staff and data center.  It’s a 20+ mile commute and public transportation... Read more »

5 Things I do NOT miss about running races

A couple weekends ago, I saw a lot of posts from friends who ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon I’ve run this race before in its various earlier incarnations and I can tell you, most of the time it was too F-ing hot to run. One particular year added insult to heat because the... Read more »