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Small rewards help ChicagoNow bloggers fight Blogger Burnout

<strong>We have the "front page" of ChicagoNow which gets updated twice a day weekdays and once a day one weekends.  If your post gets chosen for one of the 10 slots, you might get a spike in traffic. I  haven't figured out the complex algorithm the <em> ChicagoNow Powers-That-Be™</em> use to decide what story gets chosen.  I've written posts that I felt were crap that made that slot and others that I thought deserved  to be there that didn't.</strong>
In my almost three years of blogging at ChicagoNow, I’ve seen bloggers come and go for a variety of reasons.  Some certainly move on to bigger and better things.  But others fade away  because…blogging is hard.  The Typepad, WordPress and Universe is littered with hundreds of thousands of abandoned blogs by people who have... Read more »

High School Reunions: I think I'll sit the next few out

According to my Facebook feed this is High School Reunion time. A few years ago, I had to skip my 25th high school reunion because my wife wanted to go to Michigan to see her family. Everyone was going to be in the same place, ironically, because her parents were home for their high school... Read more »

Confederate Flags: Time to find another symbol of Southern Pride

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Like Charlie Daniels, I have resisted speaking out on the Confederate Flag Issue™ until now, because I have a lot of thoughts on this topic and addressing this topic without proper research feels like it would be sticking my head into a hive of angry hornets and why would I want to do that? First,... Read more »