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Stop Slut-Shaming Bristol Palin

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Recently, two children of affluent families of conservative values have have found themselves in the media spotlight for unintended reasons.  First you have Josh Duggar, who had been investigated as a teen for molesting five underage girls – four of whom were his sisters.  Next you had Bristol Palin, an abstinence only spokesperson announcing last week... Read more »

Group Dance Lessons: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

About a decade ago, as part of a New Year’s Resolution, I decided to take professional dance lessons.  I found a Studio near my home and a beginner’s group class that fit right into my schedule. Dancing for Every Occasion: A special overview program that introduces you to 8 dances: Waltz, Rumba, Foxtrot, Swing, Salsa,... Read more »

Father's Day never meant much to me

Father’s Day never really meant much to me, especially when I was a child.  I have a few memories of my dad, none of them very good. My dad was an Absent Father, which is the politically correct term for not wanting to have Any-Fucking-Thing  to do with his offspring. One time when I was... Read more »

Gun Culture Reform: Time for a Serious Discussion

By now you have heard about The Shooting at The Place where So Many innocent and defenseless bystanders were slaughtered like lambs.  Of course I’m talking about what is now called the  #CharlestonShooting on social media.  But since this post has been sitting in my drafts folder since The Dark Knight Rises Midnight Massacre in... Read more »

Why I hate small talk

I really hate small talk.  It’s usually superficial observations or comments on what is perfectly obvious.  I get that it serves a purpose in social situations like conversation openers, silence breakers and even a way to begin the process of bonding. There are two ways to think of Small Talk.  One way is to accept... Read more »

I found the perfect stylist, or why I hate haircuts

Two of the things that I hate the most in the world sometimes occur simultaneously:  getting my hair cut and making small talk. For the majority of my life, I hated getting haircuts. Probably because I didn’t like the way I looked with a fresh haircut, or maybe I just didn’t like the way I... Read more »

The 10 types of guy friends you will have at some point in your life

<strong>Class Clown Chum:</strong>  This is the dude who is never serious and always clowning around.  It's always a fun time to hang around but you just cannot have a serious discussion about stock investments, home equity loans or anything too heavy.  (<em>photo by <a href="" target="_blank">Greg Marmai</a></em>)
There are tons of stories out there about the X many types of friends you have or should have or could have.  What I’m posing here are the 10 types of friends every guy on this planet will have in their lifetime unless said guy is anti-social, geographically isolated or straight up hates people.  As... Read more »

Summertime fun advice for Chicagoans

Even though summer doesn’t officially start for another eleven days, it’s after Memorial Day and the warmer weather is here.  I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life and for as long as I can remember, the transition from spring to summer is usually quick and brutal.  We get a few weeks of spring which is... Read more »

11 things you are doing on Facebook that are secretly pissing off your friends

<strong>Stealth Seller </strong> when selling an item you don't list the price.  Maybe you forgot but you know what?  You could go back and edit it. but you don't because you want to start a bidding war or something. Listen Chester, no one wants to waste your time or theirs. State the price and let the chips fall where they may.  Otherwise you are in for an afternoon of one shot FM-mails asking the price and then silence because they won't bother to admit they are not interested.
It’s pretty commonplace to rip on Facebook users because obviously if you are not doing it the way I — I mean everyone else does it, you’re obviously doing it wrong.  I can’t fathom why so many people whine about How Things Should Be on Facebook. It’s a place where people post photos of their... Read more »

Why I'm renewing my Lincoln Park Zoo membership via snail mail

View image | The time has come to renew my membership to the Lincoln Park Zoo and I’m doing it the old-fashioned way: by mailing in my renewal application instead of paying online.  Why not use the modern convenience of online bill pay?  First, some context. While I might have skipped a year here... Read more »