DIY Garage Storage Project: Proslat Slatwall

Ever since we moved into our house two plus years ago, I have wanted to improve the look and utility of our garage.  My garage is a little unique because I have garage doors in the front and back  which means I lose a wall and ceiling worth of storage space.  So I needed a solution that would maximize the wall space I do have.

I decided to install some Proslat Slatwall  across the barren south wall that is on the opposite side of my work area. Slatwall comes in a variety of kit packages.  The wall I want to cover is  approximately 21 x 8 ft  so in order to do that, I needed:

  • (4) 8×4 panel kits
  • (2) 4×4 panel kits

Luckily, had a sale in which they were selling  2 sets of 8′ x 4′ wall panels with 20-piece hook kit and 5-piece shelf & basket kit for  $278.99, which comes to $139.50 per panel kit.   (Disclosure: neither Proslat, Woot or Overstock have paid me or provided me anything to write this review.)

It’s a little hard to do an apples-to-apples price comparison because other places sell these bundles with different amount of hooks & baskets, but as an example for illustrative purposes, Home Depot sell just the one 8×4 panel kit for $149 .  The 20 piece combo kit is $199, so you pretty much know this is already a deal, relatively speaking.

Ordering two sets (4 panel kits) from Woot gets me 4/5 of the wall.  On 2 Proslat Charcoal 16 square foot Heavy Duty Slatwall Organizer costs $158.98 after $15 discount on Overstock and I believe I got free shipping because the order was over a certain dollar amount.


(2) 8×4 sets    $557.98
Shipping             $5.00
Tax                   $35.19


(2) 4×4 sets      158.98
total                 757.15

so total cost of the wall is $757.15 (and some craft beer and gourmet burgers from Leadbelly )


  There are cheaper options out there and when everything arrived I did have a moment of buyer’s remorse, especially after the credit card bill.  But once we got the panels up, it looked pretty cool so I’m okay with my birthday present to myself.  Take a look.

It took a friend and me all afternoon to put them up.  The learning curve on these things is high and the directions lack a lot of instructions.  That’s probably because there are many different ways you could implement these panels.

You always know how you should have done it after it is done and if I had to do this again, I would have insisted that we get  both cars out of the garage and lay all the piece down flat parallel to the wall they were going up.  Alas, what’s done is done and it is just a garage after all.

(Disclosure: neither Proslat, Woot or Overstock have paid me or provided me anything to write this review.)

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