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7 Practical Life Lessons everyone should figure out

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<p><strong>Practical Life Lessons: Splitting the Check</strong></p>
<p>One of the grown up experiences people need to learn to deal with in Life is <strong>Splitting the Check</strong>.  You'd think this would be a no-brainer but if you google "splitting the check" the Oracles <em>Wiki-How</em> and <em></em> have entire articles devoted to this subject.  There is even an <a href="" target="_blank">app </a>for that!</p><br>

<p>When it comes time to pay the bill after a meal with a friend, or a group of people, it can be confusing to determine who should pay how much. If everyone at the table ate and drank things that are similarly priced, or shared in the dishes family-style, it is easy to simply divide the total by the number of people at the table. However, there are usually differences in price that need to be worked out so that everyone pays a fair share of the check. Split the check by dividing it up according to what each person consumed, and share the tax and tip costs evenly.</p>
<p>At one time or another, everyone has been on either side of this situation.  As you move through this magical mystery tour called Life, your friends are going to range from Hella Rich to Hella Poor.  When you are a young twentysomething without a lot of disposable income, you might find that the trendy restaurant everyone vetoed you for breaks your budget and you insist on only paying your fair share and not a penny more.  Later in life when you are more financially stable, you cannot understand why we cannot just split the check evenly.</p>
Earlier this year, I wrote a post about some awful cliches and what they really mean.  Today’s post is meant as sort of a follow up to that one, which is a fancy way of saying using the left over material that didn’t make it into the first piece. Enjoy. If you like this post,... Read more »

How to survive Corporate America: Work Friends

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Matt Walsh Blog comment teaches unexpected lessons

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Unsubscribing hell: Why won't this old Yahoo Group let me leave

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Getting It Off Your Chest: Not all friendships are balanced and equal

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