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Don't ask, don't tell, don't bring up: A policy for discussing controversial topics among friends

I have a lot of friends who don’t see eye-to-eye with me on various social political issues like Abortion, Gun Control, Same-Sex Marriage, Immigration and Orange is the New Black.  Occasionally we have gotten into it over the years in real life and on Facebook but for the most part, we silently mutually agree to... Read more »

Facebook makes it easy to not Like it

Earlier this month, Facebook began removing page likes from the Dead.  Essentially if your account was deactivated or memorialized, Facebook eliminated all your likes from the Ethernet.  This is actually a good thing because Facebook essentially distributes your posts to a small fraction of the people who like your page in order to gauge interaction. ... Read more »

Why I didn't run the half marathon I trained for

The Ides of March came and went and I had to pass up the chance to run the March Madness Half Marathon even though the weather was perfect and I had trained fairly diligently  throughout winter.  They were even giving finisher medals, which  I don’t believe they did the last time I ran this race. ... Read more »

The No-Name Software Company: how I landed my first job in Information Technology

It was spring of 2000 and I was in my last quarter of G-School at DePaul. One evening after some database class ended and everyone was rushing toward the elevator, I lingered back. Night classes went until 9pm but they usually ended early and if you were lucky, they ended early enough to catch an... Read more »

4 misconceptions people have about techies

Here we go again.  I was talking with an old friend and she made a little comment that was meant to be harmless but was one part snide, one part rude with a little fear thrown in.  She said “well I’m not into technology like you.” If I had a nickel for every time someone... Read more »