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Getting It Off Your Chest: Next time call a cab

I’d like to introduce a new segment here on Mysteries of Life called Getting It Off Your Chest. The ideas is to write a short post about some past slight, trespass or other injustice committed on the behalf of a Friend-Who-Really-Wasn’t. It could be that time your roommate chose to go to a movie instead... Read more »

Why I've (mostly) stopped wishing people a Happy Birthday on Facebook

This post brought to you by the Love Child of Jaded and Cynical.  The following post on my personal Facebook page got some mixed polarized reactions a while back. “Anyone get a strange sense of joy when you log into Facebook and find that you don’t have a half a dozen friends to wish a... Read more »

Winter Marathon Training Blues

I am training for the March Madness Half Marathon to be held on the Ides of March in Cary, IL.  I’m using a custom training program designed with the help of Runner’s World’s Smart Coach app, found on their website. I KNOW it’s only a HALF marathon, which is just a baby marathon but The... Read more »

My Secret Winter Marathon Training program

On the morning of New Year’s Eve I signed up for the March Madness Half Marathon in exotic Cary, IL on March 15th.  Online registration opened at 6am that day — so I cannot even claim NYE drunken shenanigans — and this race always sells out quickly.   I told myself if I were up at... Read more »

True Freedom means Pledge of Allegiance is optional

The other night a friend posted a link on Facebook to an article that caught my eye.  I really should save this post for Flag Day but that’s months away and this is on my mind right now. From the Fox News link my friend provide, it sounds like a group tried to ban the... Read more »

Bruce Jenner Fruit Loops Meme not very funny

A friend posted a meme about Bruce Jenner transiting from man to woman on her Facebook page the other day.  In the first frame, you have 1976 Olympic Gold Medal winner Bruce Jenner on the cover of Wheaties.  In the second frame you have Transitioned Jenner on a package of Fruit Loops. Blogger’s Note: when... Read more »