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Dibs in Chicago, it's that time of year again

With Winter here and snowfall coming any day now, it’s never too early to start thinking about winter parking and that wonderful Chicago Tradition called “Dibs.” Dibs, in case you didn’t know, is that time-honored or hated tradition of reserving a parking space during the winter snow.  It’s kind of like pornography, everyone knows what... Read more »

Early Christmas present from the Bears: We get our Sundays back

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I know most Bears fans are still pissed off about the latest Bears loss. This one, a Thursday Night prime time game against Dallas gave us a glimmer of what could have been when the Bears rallied to within two scores.Unfortunately, even if Jay Cutler throw a touchdown pass instead of an interception into the... Read more »

How not to suck at gift giving

Welcome to “This Blogger Life,” where each week ChicagoNow bloggers are given a broad theme from which they can write a blog post interpreting the topic in any way they want. This Week’s topic: The best/worst gifts you’ve received or given. This time of year, I always think back to my former life as a... Read more »

The 12 Days of Christmas...for ChicagoNow Bloggers

<strong> Twelve Dozen Post Ideas</strong> -- Many of us have draft folders full of half started posts or lists of topic ideas that may never see the light of day thanks to writer's block or our Creativity Muse taking a smoke break.
Happy Holidays ChicagoNow Readers! I know this blog has been a little slacking in the content department lately and I totally blame the confluence of Busy at Day Job and new responsibility of being a parent of 11 week old twins. My goal for 2015 is to do better with the writing and the posting.... Read more »