Early Christmas present from the Bears: We get our Sundays back

I know most Bears fans are still pissed off about the latest Bears loss. This one, a Thursday Night prime time game against Dallas gave us a glimmer of what could have been when the Bears rallied to within two scores.Unfortunately, even if Jay Cutler throw a touchdown pass instead of an interception into the end zone, there just wasn’t enough time for this Bears team to get the ball back and get another score.

The truth is the Bears did us a favor. Before that prime time game against Dallas, they were still mathematically in playoff contention.There was the slim hope that if they could win out and other teams had some December misfortune, they might have just pulled a 2007 Giants or a 2009 Packers and make it to the post season.Instead they were Who We Knew They Were and managed to take a close game at half time and put it out of reach fairly early in the 3rd quarter.

Update: Apparently the Bears still had a long shot if the Lions had managed to tank this season.However that pipe-dream was also killed when Detroit beat up on Lovie Smith’s Buccaneers.

What the Bears should do

Forget about trying to win any more games. If it happens, so be it. Treat the remaining games as preseason to evaluate the personnel you have. Practice those onside kicks, go for it on 4th and forever. Play the 3rd stringers and the practice squad.See who is capable of developing, who might have some hidden potential and who you need to get rid of.

Let Matt Forte run the ball and get a shot at some of the records and stats that he was cheated out of in Trestman’s Pass-Whacky season.

Brian Cassella -Chicago Tribune

Brian Cassella -Chicago Tribune

What Bears Fans should do

Now everyone can relax and spend the holidays invested in other things. Don’t even bother watching the remaining games except maybe as background noise. If you have tickets to any of the remaining Bears games, don’t go. Why spend any more of your hard earned money on that franchise? Donate the tickets to a charity and take a tax deduction. If you cannot get a tax break from it, do it from the goodness of your now broken heart.

If you have season tickets, obviously you are not going to give up those seats. Maybe they have been in your family for generations or maybe you finally got off the waiting list. I’m not calling for a mass exodus of ticket holders because that will take time and we don’t want the Bears to end up like some franchises where the seats are empty at every game.  But an end of the season dip in revenue might just be enough to send a message that we are fed up with mediocrity.

Having been a Bears fan for the better part of two decades, I can tell you that I’ve seen this movie before.The Owners and upper management wear their Bad Decision Jeans all the time.

“The GM chose Trestman over Bruce Arians, who has become a perennial Coach of the Year candidate in Arizona.” Source.  These are the same owners that choose Lovie Smith over Giants Coach Tom Coughlin who went to two super bowls.  [Is it the coach or is it the team, a discussion for another time. ]

So they are not going to get rid of Cutler, Trestman or Emery any time soon.  [It would be ironic if they traded him to Buffalo for Kyle Orton.]

Here’s what I think will happen in 2015. Tucker, along with a few assistant coaches, is fired.Some players do get cut but no big surprises (except maybe Jared Allen and only as a salary cap move).Trestman and Cutler are placed on Super Secret Double Probation and have one more season to get their act to gether. The team will rally for the coach and make it to the playoffs, only to miss the super bowl in typical Bears fashion by beating a stellar team to get to the NFC Championship only to lose to an underdog that they underestimated.

I recommend you employ the End of the Bears Season as a time to engage in activities that you have otherwise neglected or put off on Sundays. Chicagoans will have time to shovel all that snow that’s coming. Get your lawn furniture ready for the annual tradition of Dibs. Spend time with your family. I will use the energy not spent caring about the Bears to get healthy, draw up new tweets and seek crowd-sourced funding for my Great American Novel.

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