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Seven Things You Should Know About Being a Wedding Guest

<strong>1)  You are holding a seat hostage</strong>

Unless the bride is Kim Kardashian there is usually a limit to how many people can be invited to the wedding based on budget and venue.  If you made the cut but know you cannot be at the wedding, you have a responsibility to let the bride know ASAP.  This is known as not being a Dbag.  This means if you get the Save-the-Date in February for an October wedding and you know that your are going overseas that weekend, you should contact whichever person you are closer to and let them know that they might want to give the seat to someone else.  Same goes if you didn't know at the STD but when you get the wedding invite, instead of waiting until the RSVP By Date, let them know right away!
Earlier this month I wrote a post about planning a wedding and some of the things no one bothers to tell you.  Well it’s time for the follow up where I try to enlighten you on how to be a good guest.  Because every wedding is different and your relationship to the wedding party is... Read more »

First Past the Post Voting and its problems explained

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June has been a very good month for this blog in terms of Page Visits, the currency de jour of blogging. I’ve made the ChicagoNow Trifecta (front page of Tribune Online, front page of ChicagNow and ChicagoNow Manager’s Choice — which means being placed on the ChicagoNow Facebook Fan Page) a few times this June... Read more »

It's Officially Summer Chicago, here's 7 ways to not let slip by

 if you are planning to run the Chicago Marathon you've only missed two Long Runs. Luckily this coming weekend is a cutback week which makes it like a do-over.
People refer to today as the longest day of the year. The fact is, all days are 24 hours long (okay 23 hours, 56 minutes if you wanna be Sidereal  about it) today just happens to have the maximum amount of daylight in it. Although many people defines Summer as the time between Memorial Day... Read more »

Calling all Authors, Writers, Bloggers: Here are some resources you can use

If you are just starting out as a writer, it can be really hard to find good resources. If you do a search on Google (is there any other kind?) you will find lots of people hawking their creative writing class or How to Get a Book Published course, for a nominal fee.  But what... Read more »

Six things no one tells you about wedding planning

So you are now engaged and in the process of planning a wedding.  Congratulations! Please feel free to bask in the joy and accolades for a full solid day.  After that, it’s time to get planning especially if you want to get married during Wedding Season. Yes there is a Wedding Season. It use to... Read more »

Dear Mila Kunis: You didn't get pregnant alone and other things I think about a lot

When I was a kid, most of the television shows depicted giving birth in not even close to what really happens in the Delivery Room. We didn’t see true contractions or water breaking or crowning. The only time a guy other than the doctor was present was in a Situation Comedy and they got stuck... Read more »

Three Things I may NEVER Accomplish but have NOT Given Up on

In the book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell studied the lives of extremely successful people in vastly different fields to find out how they achieved success.  Apparently Gladwell determined one common denominator was that the best and the brightest spent roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. The following are things... Read more »

5 things you are doing that you might not realize make you an Internet Troll

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of Dbags on the Internet. At some point we will hit the Asshat Apocalypse® where total disregard for others is the norm and bad behavior is the Currency of Choice. The dive bar of the Internet; where communication finally hits rock bottom and turns over its... Read more »

Five Signs of a True Chicagoan

#5:  When you are walking outside under or near the El tracks while talking to someone you immediately stop mid-sentence as the El Train passes.  Once the train passes and the Noise Pollution is back to normal, you then pick up exactly where you left off without missing a beat.
There are tons of articles, columns and posts out there that lists traits and aspects of a True Chicagoan.  Each one its own ridiculous attempt to marginalize someone because they like ketchup on a hotdog, or don’t know it wasn’t always called Willis Tower or (gasp) root for both baseball teams. I’ve come up with... Read more »