Solar FREAKIN' Roadways and City Stickers Scofflaws

So this video is kinda going viral, not the way the cat defending the kid from the dog or Rebecca Black viral, but it’s shown up in enough different places that it is worth noting.

Intelligent solar panels covered with tempered glass replaced a panel at a time if damaged or malfunctioning.

“Suppose we made a section of road out of this material and housed solar cells to collect energy, which could pay for the cost of the panel, thereby creating a road that would pay for itself over time. What if we added LEDs to “paint” the road lines from beneath, lighting up the road for safer night time driving? What if we added a heating element in the surface (like the defrosting wire in the rear window of our cars) to prevent snow/ice accumulation in northern climates? The ideas and possibilities just continued to roll in and the Solar Roadway project was born.” Source


  • This somewhat related idea was brought to my attention from Scott Adam’s blog.  His readers’ comments are not kind but here is the company’s crowd funding link.
  • And there is already a site that rebuts the idea.
  • The thing is, Empires like the Gas, Oil and even Big Auto might not want to give up their monopoly.  Hat tip to Cracked for this one.
  • Speaking of cars, the Office of Chicago City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza is helping move the annual Chicago City Vehicle Sticker Sales Program out of the horse & buggy era and into the 21st Century by initiating Year-Round Chicago City Vehicle Sticker Sales.
  • Speaking of City Stickers, apparently someone has been avoiding buying one for the better part of the last decade.  Chicago Girl posted on Everyblock two and a half years ago that somebody on her block has an out of state license plate and no Chicago City Sticker and has lived here (Ward 45) for three years.  This city is quite clear about paying this fee.

I try to take Everyblock posts with a grain of salt.  A typical post is someone sees something suspicious and asks if anyone has more information.  You can then count on ten people to ask if the OP called the cops.  I guess your choices are call the cops or post to EB, it wouldn’t occur to anyone that someone might do both (even when they emphatically state that they did in their post).  EB will delete your comment if you stray too far from the reservation but otherwise, it’s the Wild West on that forum.

Still this is an interesting one.  What do you do when someone is blatantly not paying the same fees you are required by law to pay?  Yes there are bigger fish to fry and one could say that if someone has found a loop hole to game the system, more power to them.  Except the city always needs money and if they feel they don’t have enough they increase the fees so that the law abiding citizens end up paying more.

chicago girl says that there are two cars on her street that do not have city stickers. According to wiki.answers, there are 814 streets in Chicago.  I’m too lazy to diligently research it for this post so let’s use that number.  .So if we do some easy math, the person who has not been paying their City Sticker fee for 6 years owes the city $85 per year (I know the fee might have been slightly lower six years ago but let’s keep the math easy).  Let’s assume that every block has at least two people gaming the system and not purchasing a city sticker even though they are legal residents of Chicago.

2 X $85 = $170

814 X $170 = $138,380

Would that have been enough to keep a school or two open last year?


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