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Finally, the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England explained

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  Like most Americans I struggle with geography and have always had trouble remembering the differences between Great Britain, the United Kingdom and England. This video sorts that all out and also explains the difference between the British Isles and the United Kingdom very nicely. Apparently the full name is The United Kingdom of Great... Read more »

Solar FREAKIN' Roadways and City Stickers Scofflaws

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So this video is kinda going viral, not the way the cat defending the kid from the dog or Rebecca Black viral, but it’s shown up in enough different places that it is worth noting. Intelligent solar panels covered with tempered glass replaced a panel at a time if damaged or malfunctioning. “Suppose we made... Read more »

Advice to new graduates: How to survive Corporate America

Welcome Mr and/or Ms College Graduate! You have finished college and are ready to enter the workforce. You are going to hear a lot of unsolicited advice and clichés like “youth is wasted on the young” and “only 40 years until you can retire” and “keep your nose to the grindstone.” Some of it is... Read more »

Dear Future Children: Roseanne Roseannadanna was right, It Always Is Something

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Dear future children, This is Week #19 and you are both the size of a [Note to  Self:  remember to ask mommie what that website says you are this week. Update: she says you are either Heirloom tomatoes or softballs.] It’s been a stressful week for us — your parents — for a variety of... Read more »

PSA: Five things to keep in mind when selling on Craigslist

Recently I was looking for an item on Craigslist and I decided, what better way to share my experience than to tell everyone how to do something better! I’m looking for a specific item and this post will focus on that. however these rules apply for almost anything you are selling on CL except perhaps... Read more »

Some cool things are coming to WiFi

While I’m not a WiFi guru or expert, I do know enough to be dangerous. We live in a 100 year old house with most of the walls being plaster so WiFi signals don’t necessarily go everywhere.  So I’m always on the lookout for WiFi tips, tricks and new technologies.  And I thought I’d share... Read more »

My Almost Free Grill thanks to Sears and ChicagoNow

If you live in the city you should consider chaining your grill
So I bought this Kenmore 4-burner LP Red Gas Grill w/searing burner and side burner at Sears. The regular price was $399.99 but of course they had one of their perpetual sales and the item was $100 off. Here are pictures of me putting the damn thing together. How The Grill was Almost Free I... Read more »

Rosetta Stone: Learning a new language is not easy for adults

I mentioned <em>apple </em>and <em>egg</em>, <strong>Jajko i jabłko</strong>. That's right!  Right out of the gate the first thing Rosetta Stone throws at you are two words in Polish that are spelled and sound very similar, at least to American eyes and ears.
In 2009 I purchased the Rosetta Stone software in an attempt to learn Polish, the language of my ancestors. I’ll tell you this much, it is probably easier to learn Nuclear Physics, Quantum Mechanics or host a dinner party with carnivores, vegetarians, a vegan, and a lactose intolerant pescatarian than to train my adult brain... Read more »

Happy Birthday to me and Happy 100th Post on ChicagoNow

So today is my 45th Birthday and this is my 100th* post on ChicagoNow. When I started blogging on ChicagoNow, my wife Nightingale and I were in the process of seeking a larger, more family-friendly abode. So I was blogging about that. Then we found a house and I tried writing “in delay” about those... Read more »

Will the Rapid ever return to Rapid Transit on CTA

One of the many complaints about riding the CTA train lines is that it takes too long to get from Point A to Point B. The El is too “loop-centric”, making travel between different non-loop areas slow and time consuming. This is not a new issue, there have been stories and suggestions for years about... Read more »