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Truman State University was once NMSU and once my home away from home

I went to Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville, Missouri for college. For a boy from Humboldt Park, that might as well have been Olympus Mons, Mars. Whenever things felt too overwhelming, I would go to the Sunken Garden. I don’t remember how I found this place. I think it was an ex-girlfriend who clued... Read more »

A New Breed of Brain Fart

I’m not 100% certain this qualifies as a type of Brain Fart but since I cannot cleverly reverse look-up what this is, I’m going to refer to this as a new kind of Brain Fart for the written word. Basically it’s when you composing a sentence and there are two or more ways to write... Read more »

Tax filing easier if government did it for you but should they

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Today is Tax Day in the USA (for my non-American readers) when most of us who owe the US Government taxes write a check and send in our forms. Even if you don’t owe any taxes, all Americans are required to file a tax form. That alone is either inefficient or Orwellian depending on whom... Read more »