Valentine's Day aside, dating almost always sucks

For some reason, dating sucks.  Actually, there are lots of reasons it sucks and I’m gonna describe FIVE specific reasons in this post.  Everyone has there share of bad dates, but it seems that dating sucks more often than it should.  For some people it becomes a chore, like dieting.  You hate it, but you have to do it in order to reach a certain goal. This goal is, for many single people,  to end up in a loving relationship with a person that is loving, caring, affectionate, hopefully normal and of course, turns us on mentally, physically and sexually.   Not asking for too much, right?

Some people find someone with all these traits early in life.  We call these people freaks.  Actually, my theory is that in a past life, they suffered a horrible life and so God/The Universe/Whomever is controlling the Narrative is making up for it in this one.  For others there’s a reason dating sucks.  The simplest reason is because you haven’t recognized the right one yet.  The reality is that you might never.  Wait come back.  I want to tell you about the obstacles that are preventing you from finding the right one.




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