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Pulaski 10K is still on for Saturday

Despite weather predictions of snow and below freezing temperatures, the inaugural Pulaski 10K race is still scheduled to occur as planned Saturday morning at 9 AM, with Race Day Packet Pickup starting at 7:45 and Gear Check beginning at 8:00 AM. Preliminary weather reports indicate snow flurries with a high of 25°, probably 18-20° around... Read more »

Three best decisions of my life

I’ve always been afraid to take Chances.  What I do instead is take Calculated Risks, which are Chances’ Boring Cousins. And that means I always second guess my decisions or even have trouble making a decision in the first place.  Sometimes I cannot even decide what I want to have for lunch.  However, there are... Read more »

Six Way to Give Up Facebook for Lent

<strong>1)  40 Seconds:</strong>  Whenever you see a post that infuriates you or otherwise moves you to fire off a quick comment, stop and count to 40 before commenting.  Or better still, jot down your comment somewhere else and read it 40 times before deciding to post it.  you might decide it's not worth commenting or you might even come up with a better way to write what you were going to say.
If you’re Catholic, Episcopalian or part of another liturgical faith, you might be mildly aware that Lent is around the corner. Maybe you’ve had this unexplainable gnawing sensation that you are supposed to be doing something or getting some ashes and when is Easter again? (It probably doesn’t help that it isn’t a fixed date... Read more »

Valentine's Day aside, dating almost always sucks

<strong>5 Reasons Dating Sucks</strong>
For some reason, dating sucks.  Actually, there are lots of reasons it sucks and I’m gonna describe FIVE specific reasons in this post.  Everyone has there share of bad dates, but it seems that dating sucks more often than it should.  For some people it becomes a chore, like dieting.  You hate it, but you... Read more »

CTA Fail during the Polar Vortex

The other week, during one of the many sub freezing days of this winter’s Polar Vortex, I was waiting for a CTA bus to arrive at my stop. Before leaving my warm and cozy house a couple blocks away, I tried using this wonderful piece of technology called CTA Bustracker to tell me when the... Read more »

Get your Pulaski Day Scholarships at the PMA

PRESS RELEASE:  The Polish Museum of America (PMA) is pleased to announce The Polish Museum of America Pulaski Day Scholarship Program.  The scholarship recipients will be introduced at the annual official State of Illinois Pulaski Day Celebration to be held on Monday, March 3, 2014 in the Sabina P. Logisz Great Hall of the PMA... Read more »

Illinois to Honor General Pulaski

PRESS RELEASE: The public is invited to celebrate Pulaski Day on Monday, March 3, 2014, at 10 a.m. in the Sabina P. Logisz Great Hall of The Polish Museum of America (PMA), 984 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. The presence of distinguished leaders of national, state, county, and city government is anticipated, as well as... Read more »

Super Bowl and some other things we need to move or eliminate

<strong>Move the Super Bowl:</strong>  While the idea of moving it to Saturday has been suggested and rejected, it is still worth considering. At the very least, perhaps we could move it deeper into February so that President's Day give some people the Monday off? If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell gets his way, and the playoffs are expanded, this might just happen.
I know it will NEVER happen but there are some things in the world we live in today that we would be better off without or at least better off if we didn’t have to deal with them when some archaic tradition says they need to appear on the calendar. Some of these may have... Read more »