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8 things I relearned about Christmas presents

<strong>Kids love opening presents</strong>.  And by opening I mean tearing through the wrapping paper you painstakingly wrapped --  careful to give each <em>germy projectile-barfing poopsacks</em> their own unique pattern --  like a hyena tears through a gazelle.
It’s been a long time since my family has exchanged gifts on Christmas Day. All the kids on my side of the family are grown up and as adults we either don’t exchange gifts or let Santa Amazon ship them directly to our homes. Mix in some family squabbles and estrangements and let’s just say... Read more »

Chicago Bears Interesting Statistic for 2013 Season

When I was a young lad, I wanted every team that beat the Bears to miss the playoffs that year. Some years, that would have required canceling the post-season. With today’s Bear’s game against the Green Bay Packers putting it all on the line, let’s look back at the season so far. Teams that beat... Read more »

Holiday Cards, Christmas Ghosts and lost opportunities

She waits for the postman each day this time of year. In her twenties she got tons of cards. There were too many to fit on her faux fireplace mantle.  Post-college friends keeping their promise to keep in touch from various far away cities. In her early thirties she still got a steady supply though more... Read more »

NFL Playoff System needs some tweaking

Before we can address the fix for this problem, we have to first agree that we do have a problem.  Namely, weaker teams are getting into the playoffs while arguably superior teams are sent home to watch the playoffs on TV.  If you truly believe that the current NFL playoff system is fine the way... Read more »

Duck Dynasty backlash could go a little too far

Unless you actually live in the Louisiana backwater that the Robertson Clan resides in, by now you’ve probably heard about the big Duck Dynasty Controversy. Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson uttered his opinion about gays (among other things) during an interview with GQ. In a likely damage control move, A+E then suspended him from the... Read more »

Shorter workouts in winter can help maintain, lose weight

One month ago I contacted fellow ChicagoNow blogger Tracie Danielson Mitchell to ask a exercise related question.  That inquiry led to a new workout to incorporate in my exercise routine.  She recommended I try this routine. In a nutshell, I was going to do the following routine when I run: Warm up for 5 to... Read more »

6 quick and easy Life Hacks we need right now

<strong>#1) CVS</strong> -- stop making me print rolls and rolls of coupons and Extra Care Bucks or whatever the F--k you call them. Look, you make me use my CVS EXTRA CARE REWARD CARD on every purchase anyway...why not code the little bugger so that if i have $3 reward dollars coming to me, it uses them. I know, that's not your business model. Well your business model sucks. Just Jewel who eliminated the card and Dominick's that couldn't make it in Chicago. <strong>Technology Needed:</strong> a few offshore code monkeys to write a subroutine that credits a transaction before payment instead of after.
Okay when I say Life Hacks, I really mean changes that need to be implemented in this world that would make my our lives easier.  And when I say quick and easy I mean there’s a two part process involved but the tools, infrustructure or just plain “we put a man on the moon, we... Read more » is a scam

So last month I was shopping around for an ice maker. Our bar is in our basement but the refrigerator with the ice is upstairs and it was starting to become a drag having to schelep ice downstairs like cave people for our Manhattans. I did the usual Google search and found a plethora of... Read more »

Holiday PSA: Evite Etiquette

Quick Quiz:  When you get an invitation that requests an RSVP, do you: Immediately check your calendar and respond accordingly, Wait until the last minute to make sure something else doesn’t suddenly pop up, Something in between depending on who/what the sender/event is. Most of us fall in that last category myself included. But I... Read more »

Jay Cutler here to stay and that's a good thing

Alright, I’ve finally got enough of the bad taste from Sunday’s Bears loss to vent my spleen about Jay Cutler. He’s not going anywhere Chicago and that’s probably a good thing. I know a lot of people here think they’ve seen enough of the Good Jay/Bad Jay show to think it’s time to look elsewhere.... Read more »