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Speakeasies, Art Deco and Polish fun

Chicago has one of, if not the largest population of Polish, outside of Warsaw. I myself am a American of Polish descent, basically first generation. I cannot speak Polish to save my life, but I can do my best to help get the word out about events that positively promote and benefit Polish Culture. Therefore... Read more »

Sesame Street: The Hungry Games - Catching Fur

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So every Friday I like to feature a cool video. Unfortunately, my day job — the one that actually pays my mortgage — flared up on Friday so I couldn’t work on this until now. This is a parody of The Hunger Games Catching Fire featuring Cookie Monster of Sesame Street fame. ___ Thank you... Read more »

How I met my wife

In the spring of 2009, my running friends and I went down to St Louis to run a marathon. I was having some physical issues so I just signed up for the half, while my friends were committed to the full. At the time it was just another half marathon. Having run the St Louis... Read more »

What does the Foxy Girl Say on SNL

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So every Friday I like to feature a cool video. This one is a parody of Ylvis‘ What Does The Fox Say done by Saturday Night Live Cast-member Jay Pharoah and host Kerry Washington. The video features a cheating boyfriend and his snooping girlfriend who discovers a sext on his smartphone. Incidentally, the guy refers... Read more »

Jay Cutler: Please sit this one out

So in less than 24 hours we’ve gone from a lost season to a quarterback controversy. Well not exactly. Backup QB Josh McCown did the one thing Jay Cutler has not been able to do…win at Lambeau Field. Sure, it was against a backup quarterback. Incidentally, why do we say the QBs play against each... Read more »

Thank you Haters and other trolls of the Interwebs

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Another song for the Haters, by Clever Pie and Isabel Fay. You know who they are — those anonymous commenters who sling their feces around the message boards of the Internet. (Maybe you are one. If so, thanks for stopping by) ___ Thank you for reading and I hope you will comment below. Please also... Read more »