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Why we need to move Halloween

Depending on who you ask, Halloween is a yearly celebration that either honor the dead, or flat out worships evil. Many believe Halloween is a pagan rite dating back to some pre-Christian festival among the Celtic Druids, which split from the mainline Pagan groups over dogmatic changes and a particularly contentious game of Monopoly. Some... Read more »

ObamaCare Website glitches got you down? Here's a workaround

I don’t know much about The Affordable Care Act except that it is nicknamed Obamacare because our society has the attention span of a litter of contused kittens. Also, apparently it is so complicated that supposedly intelligent and much more successful people than me come to different conclusions about whether it will destroy civilization or... Read more »

Most important Marathon Training Tip: Don't forget your shoes!

For a marathoner, the most essential piece of equipment is your running shoes. You can survive without your GPS sports watch, you can probably find a suitable singlet and pair of running shorts and every marathon expo has loads of gels, powders and headbands. But your shoes are essential because your shoes are unique to... Read more »

Halloween Costume Music - a Wonder Woman Song

Thumbnail image for 'Halloween Costume Music - a Wonder Woman Song'
I had such a crush on Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman back in the day. ___ Thank you for reading and I hope you will comment below. Please also do any and all of the following — I know pushy right! “Like” and “Share” this post see some mildly amusing photos and posts on my Facebook... Read more »

Rentspek app helps renters with affordable home inspection

Just about everybody has been through the awful process of hunting for a new apartment. On the surface everything looks great, but after you sign the lease you begin to realize the place wasn’t really what it seems. Renters don’t get the luxury of home inspections prior to signing on the dotted line. Fortunately, the... Read more »

You must be DAFFI to run a Marathon

October 13, 2011 at 7:38am The Chicago Marathon has come and gone and while most have moved on, some people are suffering from Post Marathon Depression (PMD). While I did not run this year, having completed 21 marathons, I can attest to runner PMD. You go through training and have good long runs. You got... Read more »

Steve Bartman Legacy: 10 years is enough, it's time to let it go

UPDATE:  Steve Bartman has received an official Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Championship ring as a special gift from the Ricketts family and the Cubs organization. It’s time to set the record straight on some Chicago history. First, Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow did not start the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Second, Marie Antoinette* did not say... Read more »

Sex before the Marathon and other last Minute tips

If you are running the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, right now you are either cool as a cucumber, a nervous wreck, or somewhere in between. At this very moment you might even be questioning everything you did in training. This is actually perfectly normal. The truth of the matter is you are ready. Yes, you’re... Read more »

Chicago Marathon Security restrictions prohibit friends running along

In past years Chicago Marathon participants could have someone join them along the race course and run a few miles for encouragement and fellowship. As long as the “spectator” didn’t start with the runner or attempt to run through the finish line, a blind eye was turned toward these runner helpers (I call them Gunners... Read more »

Are you running the Chicago Marathon? Here's how to set reasonable expectations

Goal #1:  

    This one is the pie in the sky. A time you'd like to make, or close to it. Make it something that if everything goes perfect, could happen.
A lot of people, first time marathoners especially, say that all they want is to just finish the race.  And while that is an accomplishment to be proud of, it’s sort of a lie.  Almost everyone who signs up for the marathon has a time goal in mind, even if they keep it to themselves. ... Read more »