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How to fit a Queen unto a King

King bed without headboard
Not what you think.  After years of sleeping on queen sized mattresses, my wife and I finally upgraded to a king.  The change has been amazing.   We now have room for both of us and two cats, although for some reason they still insist on sleeping in our air space. Only one small problem:... Read more »

Is it finally the End of Email?

In mid-July, the last telegraph will be sent. The Telegraph and its love child, the telegram, and even its bastard cousin the fax have all pretty much gone the way of the Do-Do. All of them have more-or-less been replaced by a youngster called e-mail, which has actually been around longer than many people realize.... Read more »

Garage Saleing: An unorthodox approach to evaluating a neighborhood when buying a house

When you’re shopping for a home and trying to decide if a place is in a good neighborhood, many realtors will tell you to drive around the area at different times of the day (and night) to see what it looks like. They might also suggest you call the local police station and talk to... Read more »

Some Thoughts about Whistle Blower Snowden you may not have realized

Kids, you might have to look it up, but is it just a coincidence this has happened around the 60th Anniversary of the Rosenberg Execution?
Hey there. I know this is a blog about house hunting but the Powers-That-Be at ChicagoNow encourage us to branch out once in a while and write about things that people really care about are outside our choosen subject expertise.

The Little House that Could

One of the houses that would often come up on my searches is 5056 W Winnemac Ave in Jefferson Park. From the outside, this looked to be a decent looking 5 bedroom 3 bath house that seems to have been converted into separate apartments. Legal 3 unit building is what the description said, though I... Read more »