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Voted Most Likely to Become a Realtor

I know a lot of realtors. I know some socially through church or other organized events. I know some through friends of friends. There’s also the realtor that sold me my condo. There are a few who have latched onto me from an open house or one-time viewing of a listing. They keep me on... Read more »

Money has never been cheaper to borrow

Now that the election is over and half the county is cheering and the other half jeering, let’s get back to the idea of buying a house. Since interest rates are at historical lows, money has never been cheaper yet simultaneously harder to borrow. That’s because the interest rates are at historical lows, artificially induced... Read more »

Don't get distracted by Unicorns when House Hunting

Unicorn Criteria:  The unicorn is a legendary imaginary animal from European folklore.  Unicorn Criteriais a set of requirements for a home that are restrictive, picky and almost impossible to find wrapped up in one place. Finding a house to buy is easy.  There are tons of them on the market.  Finding a house you like... Read more »