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Stupid Seller Tricks and Chasing the Market

When you’re shopping around for a house, you tend to see a lot of homes. Some of them you tend to see over and over again. You might create a search on a Realty Website or if you’re working with an agent at that point, they might email you listings.  Sometimes if really feels like... Read more »

Sellers experiencing painful Learning Curve

In the early days of the Real Estate Bust, many a seller placed their home on the market and watched it sit.  The Days On Market (DOM) would grow to triple digits.  They would try tricks like dropping the price a few hundred dollars and/or relisting to make it seem like it just came on... Read more »

Realtors – a Necessary Evil

After you’ve figured out how much home you can afford and where you want to live (and I’ll blog more about that later) the next thing to do is get an agent. Technically, you don’t have to have an agent, but the Real Estate Cartel Industry has pretty much rigged the system to work better... Read more »

House Hunting is a Marathon not a Sprint

Like how I tied this blog into the subject de jour of the last two weeks?  (Disclosure:  I’ve run 21 marathons, 12 of them in Chicago.) While marathons and house buying might seem like apples and oranges, they do have some similarities.  A lot of training goes into running a successful marathon and a lot... Read more »

The First Step in Buying a Home…depends on who you ask

Okay so me and the Mrs are house hunting. How do you get started? If you Google “steps for buying a home” you’ll get a lot of websites with different number of steps. Some break it down into 5 simple steps; others detail it into 11 – 25 steps complete with graphs and flowcharts. Many... Read more »

Let's share our House Hunting Stories

Welcome to Adventures in House Hunting.  My wife and I are in the process of seeking a larger, more family-friendly abode and I thought what better way to commemorate our anniversary (1 year today) than to start a blog chronicling that process.  While other blogs and articles can describe the steps to buying a home in... Read more »