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Why you should watch "The Drop Box" documentary in theaters this week

A documentary about newborn infants abandoned in a “baby box” or “drop box” in Seoul, South Korea will be showing in theaters around the nation this week on March 3rd, March 4th, and March 5th. The film tells the story of Pastor Jong-Rak Lee who installed the baby box on the side of his home... Read more »

Our best Thanksgiving ever was the year we met our daughter

Our best Thanksgiving ever was the year we met our daughter
Six years ago, on Thanksgiving Day, my husband and I decided to take a leap of faith and travel to Korea to meet our daughter. We had just heard about HJ being at the orphanage three months ago, and the paperwork was far from finalized. In fact, just a few weeks prior, it was looking... Read more »

The significance of a middle name in adoption

Like many other adoptive parents, my husband and I thought long and hard about how to incorporate HJ’s Korean name into her legal name when we brought her home from Korea. We had her American name picked out and we were set on that as her first name. Her Korean name was given to her... Read more »

The difference a school bus driver can make

Now that we’re approaching the one month mark since the start of school, I’m starting to realize that there is one very underrated but actually very important person in the life of a first grader. The school bus driver. As the first kid on the bus, and the last one to be dropped off, my... Read more »

Learning the value of doing nothing

Learning the value of doing nothing
If vacations are measured by the amount of rest and relaxation you experience, I have to say that last summer our family had quite the opposite of what a summer break should be. It involved an elaborate trip to California, a visit to Legoland, celebrating our two daughters’ birthdays back-to-back, spending the Fourth of July... Read more »