Welcome to My So-Called Writer's Life, a blog about the fabulosity, trials and not so random musings of a writer who sometimes does more living than writing, all to "custom make" my dream job. If you're reading this I can no longer joke that my audience is just me and a bunch of crickets, so God bless you for stopping by and saving my good writing from a really bad joke. I'm extremely honored and appreciative to have you here.

The idea for this blog began with a really simple question: "So, what DO you do???"  I've spent the last year trying to come up with a decent answer. I write. I act. I model. I socialize. I house sit. I host talk shows in my head. As a Pisces and creative artist I've always been a dreamer. A lot of days I don't know what to do--and then I do something anyway. Act now and figure it out later.  I'm learning that this path isn't--and may never be--easy, but I wouldn't have my life any other way. Right now, I "DO" me. I am in the business of living my purpose and reaching my full potential. 
I've been a writer since I was a little girl. My parents separated when I was five and today I can say that is one of the best things that should have happened to me. I remember shortly after my father left our electricity was shut off and my mother and I would walk to the library each week and I'd check out a huge stack of books. We would just read by candlelight or this old kerosene lamp my mom had. Who knew Sandria the writer was being born during this crazy time? I surely didn't.
Writing has always been an outlet to express myself (I've been journaling since 1999). After I graduated from U of I in 2002 I began to pursue freelance writing outside of working full time. I started out as the managing editor and contributing writer for an online magazine, Bahiyah Woman Magazine, and then editor-at-large and writer for an online youth publication, Brown Gurl Magazine. The rest has been history in the making, with features in Bean Soup Times, InChiCity.com, 4DaSoul.com and Literafeelya just to name a few.
I really enjoy music and entertainment and have been blessed to interview some very cool people like Malcolm Jamal-Warner (I know you remember "Theo" from The Cosby Show, right?). Sean Paul, Eric Benet, Donna Summer and Laz Alonso. Kanye West waved to me once at a club in Detroit, John Legend's younger brother (and singer in his own right) Vaughn Anthony serenaded me at the Hard Rock Hotel and Common pulled me up on stage at the House of Blues back in '05, but those are just really cool, random things that happened to me. No interviews with them. Maybe one day...
My career also includes acting (leading actress in the stageplay "Ms. Independent"), modeling (1st Place Award-winning hair model at the 2010 World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show), poetry performer (feature poet, Proctor & Gamble's 2009 "My Black is Beautiful"), workshop facilitation, public relations consulting, book editing and event planning. 
Through networking, volunteering and attending events for stories I somehow became a social butterfly. People always see me out on "the scene'" or involved in the community and look to me as a resource for what's happening around town. I'm always involved in something! Living and enjoying my life makes for great material, but now I'm learning how to make a living at living. "My So-Called Writer's Life" is my journey of making things up as I go. There's no blueprint for my career because no one has traveled my unique life path. That's why I refer to it as "so-called writer's life"--I'm defining what a writer's life means for me. Being a writer doesn't have to mean being boring, mousy, drunk/high, a starving artist or tied down to a computer or desk all day cranking out page after page of brilliance (although, cranking out page after page of brilliance would be a dream come true).

My writer's life has celebrity cameos, photo shoots, VIP access to events, an ailing mother I look after, men troubles, girl's nights out, random gigs to bring in money, with some moments of pure elation or depression mixed in. This blog is not only my story, but stories that other dreamers, artists, young women and entrepreneurs can relate to. We're all learning as we go...as we grow. Thanks for reading and watching me grow. 


Sandria aka "That Witty Writer Chick" 

"Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle."--Psalm 144:1