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Sip, Chat & Chew with Art "Chat Daddy" Sims: A new South Side brunch experience

Where can you go for a really good brunch on the SOUTH SIDE? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. If you were hard pressed for an answer like me or want to try something different from the hidden gems you know of, here’s something you can get excited about. Throughout the month of February, Art “Chat Daddy”... Read more »

Impulse buy alert! "A Different World" Hillman College tees and hoodies

Before there was an Olivia Pope or Mary Jane, there was Whitley Gilbert. Freddie Brooks. Kimberly Reese. Jaleesa Vinson.                 I long for the leading ladies of NBC’s iconic sitcom, “A Different World” when I think about what’s on TV these days. Sure, we can all sit around... Read more »

Yoga and training my cats to stay off my yoga mat

TWOOOOO CAAAAAATS!!! *in my 2 Chainz voice* That’s how many cats I have, which means I have two bodies to fling off my mat every time I lay it down. Each time it’s the same routine:  I unroll my mat. The cats proceed to lay on it and sometimes bathe themselves. I pick them up... Read more »