Bored with your locs? Try a fresh cut and color

Last year, I let a stylist near my hair with scissors for the first since I started on my natural hair journey in 2002. My award-winning natural hair needed a makeover. I had layers cut into my hair, the longest being shoulder length, which was a refreshing but not very dramatic. It didn’t feel or look like much of a change.

A change has come.

I decided to go with my first mind and truly get a hair cut. If I’m gonna cut it, CUT IT. It turned out as good as I imagined. I took it back to ’94, eighth-grade graduation. Only difference is my hair was straight then. It’s a ‘Sandria’ hairstyle, indeed — fun, colorful, cohesively indecisive, fly and can be futuristic or classic depending on how I want to style it.

I think I’ll have fun with this for awhile…until I miss my ponytail, LOL. Enjoy the pics (Note: Please forgive the bad camera phone bathroom shots. My front-facing camera stopped working after I dropped my phone in the toilet last summer). Shout out to Alma over at Misunderstood Natural Hair for the great cut and color.


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  • Well you are looking good in this hair cut and I would like to say that that layers cut hair style suits you more.
    awesome hair color ideas

  • In reply to kodak0:

    Thank you very much, kodak! It's grown out so much since my post; time to think about cutting it again!

  • Hi Sandria311,

    You look gorgeous in dreads. What kind of hair cut you like now.

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