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A Mother's Day Poem: something especially for the kids

I was quite the scribe in my elementary school days. The Young Authors program in CPS was amazing (shout out to John D. Shoop Academy and my librarian Mrs. Scott; the YA facilitator Mrs. Ellison and Mrs. Jones, the computer teacher). This is a Mother’s Day-inspired poem in my first official collection of unpublished poetry. If... Read more »

I Eat Books for Dinner: no, really, I do

I Eat Books for Dinner: no, really, I do
I have yet to put bookshelves up in my new “penthouse loft,” which is kind of a problem since 90% of what I own is books. I finally had a light bulb moment the other night and realized my unused cabinet space is usable. Instant bookshelves!  Works out kinda nice since I converted the “breakfast... Read more »


I had the fortunate opportunity to interview Laz Alonso a couple of years back, around the time of the release of Spike Lee’s flim, Miracle at St. Anna. You can read the write up and listen to part 1 of the phone interview below. Listening to the audio brought back a few memories…   Journalist... Read more »

A Green Line Ditty: poetry in motion

A Green Line Ditty: poetry in motion
  I wish the people knew they as elevated as the trains be, higher than that really. On the ground chasing green flippin green smoking green. Im on that Green moving toward sumthin better. I know im elevated.   Sunday at 8:59am via Mobile Web ·  · ·

....It's About Getting Over My Control Issues and Being Vulnerable: thoughts on writing

When you create art and release it to the world, you open yourself up and your art to interpretation.Perhaps even some criticism. I don’t always like that. Maybe that explains why I don’t always write. Most times, I have a point (even when I’m writing about seemingly pointless things) and when it’s all said and done,... Read more »

Confessions of a Book Buyer/Are People Stealing Books by Black Writers???: A 2-for-1

I remember going from bookstore to bookstore looking for a copy of Steve Harvey’s “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” when it first dropped. The same thing happened when I tried to get my hands on a copy of Jay-Z’s “DECODED.” I searched and “checked back often” like the salesperson told me to... Read more »

Yes, I'm 31-Years-Old and I Still Take Field Trips!: fun on the North Side

I have tons of Sandria-isms, but my two favorites that should be trademarked and quoted often by others are: “I don’t do parties, I do events!” “I’m funny as hell!” It’s the latter quote that caused me to put my money where my mouth is and drop 300 some-odd dollars for the Level 1 Comedy... Read more »

Just WRONG! Is this how men really see me???

Early morning, random text message: “Watching JustWright. You’d be Morgan” Rolf??? I’m on the bus headed to work with the Scooby Doo face. Is he serious? Could you save your insults at least until after lunch? I happen to be a fan of the film JustWright; I even wrote a PHENOMENAL review about it. I’ve... Read more »

The Rose That Grew From Concrete: Being attractive in the hood is a gift and a curse, I say

  “Standing at the bus stop in the middle of 51st st, i must really look like the rose that grew from concrete. Ninjas in cars ninjas on corners say things meant to pass for compliments. I wonder would they know what to do with a garden or would they snatch and pluck the petals... Read more »