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Today. Is.

  Today is not the day the gas is supposed to be cut off. It is not the day my car is still on E.Today is not the day I wonder if someone will call about a job.Today is not the day I’m haunted by painful memories left by my ex.Today is not the day... Read more »

Last Night a DJ Almost Took My Life

I went to bed on a positive note, but maybe that was the problem. I woke up to a queasy stomach and anxiety. I laid there, trying to get my mind to focus on positive thoughts, but it would always come back to the negative chatter. That’s not unusual because negative thoughts float in and... Read more »

BET Bans Teairra Mari's "Sponsor" Video? You Can't Be Serious, BET!

    Oh wow, is this chick singing, “I got myself a sponsor”?!? First time i heard this song… 5:14 PM Feb 25th via web That’s what I posted to my Twitter when I initially heard “Sponsor.” I had no clue who was singing it (I actually just found out it was Teairra Mari a... Read more »

2010 World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show: Chicago's Amazon Salon Takes 1st Place in "Locmania" Competition

Peace, love and hair grease (made with shea butter, of course)! Thousands of natural hair and beauty enthusiasts took over the Georgia International Convention Center for the 2010 World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show in Atlanta April 10 and 11. Since 1995, Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products has been the proud presenter of this... Read more »

Lyfe Jennings in Chicago

Talk about perfect timing! I knew Lyfe–the platinum selling soul singer/songwriter/producer and 5 X Apollo winner–was expected to hit up The Music Experience at 11:30 this morning and I pulled up at 11:28. This man gets an A+ for punctuality because we walked in at the same time (gotta love a man that sticks to... Read more »

Guilty Pleasures: Writing Distractions Edition

Is there a difference between procrastination and distraction? Let me Google and find out! And the cycle continues… I’ve been at my computer about five hours now, doing just about everything but writing. I didn’t realize just how deep my writing avoidance issues are until tonight and my fourth trip to look in the refrigerator for... Read more »