Don't hate me because I'm a mompreneur

Don't hate me because I'm a mompreneur
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Everybody is selling something these days.

If you suffer from headaches, anxiety, insomnia or eczema, I could sell you some essential oils that I honestly use and believe in.

If you want a good probiotic but aren’t sure where to start, let me tell you about what I take. I’ve been feeling pretty good for the past couple of months thanks to some new powders and pills.

If you’re interested in trying some natural skincare products, I have that, too — the only thing that’s ever worked for my comedonal acne, actually (little tiny pimples on my forehead that come back if I don’t use my cream twice a day every day).

I know women who sell handbags, jewelry, lipstick and vitamins. I’ve purchased pants and shoes through affiliate links to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale website. That bra I bought on Amazon? A blogger made some cash off of that.

I get it: the market seems saturated. Every month, you’re undoubtedly invited to a party to buy clothing for your little girl, leggings to wear to the gym and shakes that promise to help you lose weight and feel great. No one person can keep up with it all. Plus, it gets expensive!

Don’t hate on the mompreneurs, though, please, because I am one. So even if you have been living under a rock and you didn’t know one before today, now you know one (or, more than likely, you ARE one too). I would also bet that you know a soulpreneur, a solopreneur or a socialpreneur. And if you don’t, you probably know a fashionista, a detoxinista, an economista or — wait for it — an entreprenista. (I know. I just blew your mind and now you really DO loathe me.) We’re just another group like the hipsters and the mommy bloggers, who you love to hate. But if I may:

Not all of us are in-your-face, Type A salespeople. I cannot sell ice to an eskimo. I can’t even my sell my kids a trip to the pool on a 90-degree summer day.

Also: WE ARE PEOPLE. We are your friends. We are sisters, neighbors, mothers and daughters. And we are not doing this to annoy you — I swear.

So why are we peddling candles and hand lotion? We’re doing it for lots of reasons. We get sucked in by promises of big bucks. We love the products. We’re hoping to cover the costs of our own purchases. We don’t make enough money at our 9-to-5s, so we’re hoping to supplement our income  a little bit. We might even be successful, and we think you can be, too — you’ll get out of it as much as you put in.

You don’t have to come to my parties, though, and I promise I’m not going to hold another class. But if you’re turned off by the sheer fact that I’m a distributor, don’t hate — we may get a bad rap, but I’m really not trying to sell you anything. I just buy the stuff, and I get a discount, and the shit works. And that works for me.

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