How to make homemade hemp milk

How to make homemade hemp milk

As I am slowly working to address some of the foods that are causing imbalances in my body by swapping out ingredients and trying new things, I realized that both coconut and almond milk are no longer viable options to add to things like coffees, teas and in place of dairy when baking. But most of the hemp milk you buy at the store has questionable additives, so…I made my own!

The first recipe was a total dud, so I ended up combining two different recipes and have thus far used the “milk” in both hot and cold drinks. I really like the final result because it’s flavorful, naturally sweet, takes no time at all and meets all of my dietary requirements/restrictions. It’s super delicious!

Homemade hemp milk

3/4c hemp seeds (also called hemp “hearts”)
1T maple syrup or honey
1/2t vanilla extract
1/2t cinnamon
4c water

Mix all of the ingredients in a high-speed blender (it’s done when the mixture starts to look milky, or like a processed nut or hemp milk you’d buy at the store). Pour through a fine mesh strainer; there will be a fine amount of hemp pulp — which some day I will figure out how to use in crackers or baked goods! Store in the refrigerator for up to 7 days; shake well before each use.

That’s it! I can’t believe it was so easy. But this is how it works, I’ve found — when you’re finally ready to make a change, the solution is often much easier than you expect.


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