20 Questions Soul-Style: Elizabeth DiAlto

20 Questions Soul-Style: Elizabeth DiAlto
Elizabeth DiAlto

Hello friends, and welcome back to 20 Questions! I am so excited to have Elizabeth DiAlto with us today! Elizabeth is known for her raw, honest and grounded approach to self-help and spirituality. She is the founder of Wild Soul Movement, author of Untame Yourself and host of the very entertaining Untame The Wild Soul Woman podcast. She’s been a teacher, leader, speaker, coach and trainer to groups and individuals for over 13 years, and what I love about Elizabeth is the way she combines her intelligence and wisdom with pure joy and lots of laughter. Here are her answers to my 20 Questions!

1. Who are you?

Elizabeth DiAlto.

2. What do you do?

I hate titles and labels. The work I do in the world, the results and outcomes I help women create goes far beyond them so here’s a few different ways to describe what I do — I am the author of a book called Untame Yourself: Reconnect to the Lost Art, Power, and Freedom of Being a Woman. I host a podcast called Untame the Wild Soul Woman. My website is untameyourself.com. I work with clients 1:1, run weekend intensive retreats in San Diego, occasionally consult large corporations like Dove UK and I work with women all over the world through my virtual programs Freedom in 44 and Wild Soul Movement. Ultimately it all points toward helping people connect with their true selves, use their voices, trust their bodies and harmonize the masculine and feminine energy on the planet.

3. Why do you do it?

I was born for this. All the experiences in my life, career choices that weren’t quite it, where I grew up, how I grew up, my family, travels, places I’ve lived, where I live now, the coaches, guides and mentors I’ve had have all led me to this place to do this work that feels easy, fun and good to me — and also creates more of an impact than I can possibly measure.

4. How did you find your way to it?

When I was a personal trainer I started to realize that people could get results with diet and exercise, but inevitably some mental, spiritual or emotional issue would always come up and wipe out those results so swiftly. I became very curious about this inner world. This shifted my focus from helping people work out to helping people work in.

5. How do you feel when you do it?

Comes super easily and naturally to me and is very energizing. At this point I couldn’t not do it…and if I won the lottery all of a sudden, I’d still do it.

6. What is the joy that keeps you up at night?

The new house my partner and I just moved into.

7. What is one thing you still have to practice every day?

One thing? There’s a ton of things I still have to practice everyday — most presently though is grounding myself.

8. What are you always searching for?

I’m not always searching. Sometimes I’m integrating and enjoying being — I do a lot of work on myself and really honor how important it is to pause, soak it in and reflect as well as to continue seeking when the time is right.

9. What have you found after searching?

I usually find parts of myself in the form of truths and rememberings that had always been there, waiting for the right time for me to come back to them.

10. How do you stay connected to your inner core of peace?

Everything I teach in the Wild Soul Movement Virtual Program and my book Untame Yourself are practices I use on myself as well, along with some energy work.

11. What makes you feel led or guided?


12. What do you do when you can’t hear God (or the Universe, or Source, or your intuition) speaking to you?

I get into nature. I can’t always hear, but I can always feel.

13. What is the difference between resistance and fear?

For me resistance is usually my body’s way of inviting me to pause and apply discernment to a situation. Resistance gets a bad rap; I find it to be very useful. Fear is more primal and can be both a warning or an invitation. Context with these two concepts is everything — sometimes they are not helpful; often times they are; it really depends on the situation along with your present mental, emotional and energetic state.

14. Where does the idea come from that we are broken, unworthy or undeserving?

This is an interesting question — a lot of the messaging and teachings that we are exposed to culturally from our families, religion and schooling of origin implants this messaging sometimes intentionally, often not. It’s implicit in a lot of places where authority figures are put on pedestals and we learn to seek validation outside of ourselves rather than listening in.

15. How do you move past that to connect with others on a soul level?

My method is in the elements of untaming yourself — connection, listening, trust and receiving.

16. You are someone who has both literally and figuratively bared it all, body and soul. I feel like that must come with a big fear of rejection. How do you get past that and just do it?

Love this question — and perfect timing; as I am answering it I was just on a podcast interview a few hours ago where someone asked if I’m fearless. The answer is no. I just have a great innate ability to feel fear and move forward anyway. I don’t get stuck in it the way a lot of people do; I feel compelled by it. If I’m afraid of something, I often want to lean in and move toward it so it’s very rare that I fear rejection. What I actually fear more is my own power, is wild success, is that I dream about changing the world and what if I actually did? Sometimes I fear that with great power comes great responsibility — so maybe I don’t actually fear power, I fear responsibility. It’s an ongoing inner dialogue as you can see.

17. You and your partner Michael have what you have referred to as an evolved relationship. What would you recommend to help a person looking to share this side of them in a more conventional relationship?

To be clear, whenever I have said “evolved relationship” I have also said “or whatever you want to call it.” What I mean by that — so as not to appear separatist — is that we are both people on a personal and spiritual development path by choice. Some people aren’t on those paths and that’s OK — and I’m guessing that’s what you mean by “more conventional.” What I would recommend to any human on any path who is curious about exploring their evolutionary capacity is to take it one step at a time, follow the clues, pull on some threads that compel you around the topics of personal development and spirituality. Stick with what resonates and ditch what doesn’t.

18. As the creator of Wild Soul Movement, what’s the first step a woman should take if there’s a deep inner knowing that there’s some stuck energy in the body and the chakras? 


19. I know we’re both big fans of Sonia Choquette and you’ve interviewed her as well. I particularly love her book “Ask Your Guides.” What are the top 3 things you ask your guides or talk to your angels about?

Appreciation; I thank my guides every day numerous times for the many blessings in my life. I ask for signs and to be pointed in the best direction. And my constant prayer to the Divine in general is, “Use me, move me, make me a force for expansion, for love and for good.” Also…parking spaces! Works every time.

20. I love the phrase from your website “Get out of your head and into your body.” But I have a lot of baggage from a long-standing body image issue. Is there something I can do every day to keep the healing process progressing and always moving forward?

This is a great question, and thank you for the opportunity to address something really important here that came up recently in our free private Untame Yourself Facebook group — but around sexuality, not body image.  This is not the type of question I will answer in this type of setting, as doing so would be enormously out of integrity for me. I’ll explain — if a patient went to a doctor with shoulder pain, and the doctor didn’t ask the patient any questions, just wrote a prescription or gave them some exercises to do — it would be considered malpractice. In realms of mental, emotional, spiritual and personal work, although not regulated like the medical industry — it is the same. I would need to ask you a bunch of questions to know more about your personal history and current relationship to your body to give any sound advice. This is why gathering tips isn’t always the best for healing when it comes to very sensitive and personal topics. As you explore this topic further, be sure wherever you’re getting your answers from there is a personal component to it, not just general stuff.

Thank you SO MUCH, Elizabeth! For your spirit, your depth, your unique perspective and for the amazing work that you do. I am so grateful for this platform, to be able to interact with such amazing forces in the world and for the opportunity to be encouraged and uplifted. Have an amazing day, everyone!

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