Breast Cancer Awareness Month is coming — choose your donations wisely

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is coming — choose your donations wisely
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Breast Cancer Awareness month is coming up in October, and as usual, we are about to be bombarded with everything pink.

On one hand, it’s great. Some companies donate 100% of their profits on certain merchandise; some donate a percentage; some just write checks.

On the other hand, there are a lot of “pink” products out there that could actually make you sick.

I caught a few minutes of some talk show the other day that seemed to be digging up an old news story about how the Komen Foundation refused a donation from a porn site. One of the panelists was arguing that a donation is a donation is a donation, and if it saves a life, who cares where the money comes from? But most of the other panelists agreed with Komen, that they didn’t think the Komen name should be tied to Pornhub.

I wouldn’t want to partner with them, but I also wouldn’t want to peddle pink “breast cancer awareness” donuts.

Maybe I’m wrong to think this, but I believe I could make a more wise donation than “pink ribbon” candy.

Although my father died of cancer, I am young and healthy and I don’t have any interest in supporting artificially colored shimmer-bright pink gum balls this October.


Because a high intake of sugar is cancer promoting, not cancer eradicating.

Because there are thousands of other reputable ways to support breast cancer awareness and/or cancer awareness in general.

Because I have seen myself fling money at my own problems, hoping someone else will fix them for me, and it never works.

Cancer research — in my humble opinion — will always be funded and supported. I am not suggesting that you do not donate, if that speaks to you, in a way that resonates for you and makes sense to you. I will only suggest that you do it in a thoughtful way, not a flingy way, and that your donation be two-fold — do something for someone else, and do something for yourself. Educate yourself around cancer prevention. One step at a time may seem slow and small, but it will benefit you and everyone else on the planet.

Do you tend to support “pink” in October? If you’d like to share an organization or product you recommend, feel free to do so below. Thanks!

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