How to stay motivated after you quit sugar

How to stay motivated after you quit sugar
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It has been a few weeks since I finished the I Quit Sugar program, and sometimes — for someone with an admitted sweet tooth — it can feel like our country/culture sets you up for failure when it comes to healthy eating. The neon lights in the chain grocery stores always remind me of this clip on food shopping from Jerry Seinfeld — like we’re all zombies wandering through the aisles, not really knowing what’s “healthy” today and what will be condemned again tomorrow. Especially with “Christmas cookie season” coming up, it can be hard to think it’s possible to live off the sugar grid without feeling like a freak. One thing that helps me stay motivated after quitting sugar is taking stock of the changes I’ve already made, because it helps to see how far you’ve come even if you feel like you still have a ways to go.

For me, it helps to remember that I switched from sugary flavored coffee creamer to organic almond milk in my daily cup of coffee (and that we now grind our own organic beans instead of using whatever K-cup is on sale — conventional coffee, otherwise, is heavily treated with pesticides). It helps to remember that, even though it was only once a week, I stopped buying my kids orange juice because they simply don’t need that added sugar in their diet. (I also stopped buying them KitKats around Halloween, when I was reminded that Hershey’s refuses to label GMOs in the US even though they do it for the same products overseas.) And it’s not just the sugar — I can look back on 20 years of my life during which I was worried about the number of calories I consumed, the circumference of my waist, the cellulite on my thighs and what kind of crunches I could do to look like Megan Fox. To go from that to practicing yoga, meditation and oil pulling and “doing the work” to love myself no matter what is no small accomplishment. It’s healthy bragging, the kind that builds self-confidence by remembering that healthy living and replenishing self-care are not things you can half-ass!

Here’s what we’re eating this week:

Sunday: Slow-cooker chicken carnitas tacos

Monday: Leftovers from last night (delicious!) + roasted veg

Tuesday: Slow-cooker sweet potato, chicken & quinoa soup

Wednesday: Perfect pan-roasted chicken thighs; carrots and greens on the side

Thursday: Take-out

Friday: Dinner out or at my mom’s if it’s too cold to leave the house

Saturday: Breakfast for dinner — eggs with sweet apple turkey sausage; toast and fruit on the side for the kids

Breakfast: Make-ahead no-oatsmeal (already prepped and in the fridge)

Dessert, if I have time: Paleo pumpkin pie

What is something you have to remind yourself of every day to keep your own morale high? Is there one phrase or one action that helps you remember how you’ve evolved and how you can continue to love and embrace yourself as the process continues? Leave me a comment here or on my Facebook page (be sure to “like” if you haven’t already!)…you may just inspire yourself AND someone else today!

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