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The 12 things you should know about grieving

Just why I had to write a book about grieving escapes me right now. Do I really think I am the wise one who can enlighten the millions of us who are in grief at any one time? Is it hubris that I have appointed myself the guardian of new ways to look at this?... Read more »

Future forecast: Book comes out, author swoons

Expect a party on the day when the book I’m working on comes out. I’ve had the idea for years to write about the secrets I’ve learned about grieving, a little specialty of mine. The reasons I need to write it are: 1. I’ve been at it since I was a little kid – the... Read more »

My act of courage: A cemetery, a water tower, and overcoming grief

It was early summer, just before the fireflies come out. I grabbed my fresh-out-of-college daughter, hopped in the car, and headed to Minneapolis for a seminar on grief. If we were like everyone else, we would drive around the city, visit the mega-mall and other sights, and three days later, drive home. But we weren’t... Read more »

Missing your mom at the holidays - Christmas grieving

There are a lot of ways to lose a mom. She can die, or retreat into dementia, or into illness or addiction. You may have had a chance to say goodbye, or not. You may have been on good terms when you parted, or not. She may have been a great mom to you, or... Read more »

Dreading the holidays after your loved one has died - Try this

My mother-in-law won’t be with us for the holidays. She died in July. It’s hard to imagine them without her smile and her pecan pies and her unceasing love. But here we are, hours away. Just like every other day of our lives, on holidays we tell ourselves stories about what is to come, and... Read more »