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My trips with my lifetime friends: what I hope will never end

I’m never going to give this up. Every other year, I go on a trip with the friends I’ve known the longest and the best. We started being something on my fifteenth birthday when they threw a surprise birthday party for me after a humiliating social defeat – not getting invited into a high school... Read more »

Friendship that lasts a lifetime: My Motley Crew

I just got back from a 6 day, 5 night immersion experience with The Crew, a steadfast band of friends who have been together for a shocking number of years. No good would come of saying how many, as we all agree that some sort of cosmic math error has occurred since we all still... Read more »

What's in a name? Friendship, a group picture

My friendships flourish in a group with a name. It started with The Crew. This fledging group of friends threw me a surprise 15th birthday party after I’d suffered a major social humiliation (being rejected from the social sororities that ruled our school). Well, as sometimes happens, the consolation prize became the grand prize. We... Read more »

The Facebook HIDE button: Saving friendships right and left by taking a Politics Break

If you declare to a friend that you have to take a break from your friendship because you are getting to know them a little too well, then good luck and goodbye. But nowadays, the strategic use of the Facebook HIDE button can prevent it from going that far. Of course, Facebook both causes and... Read more »