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Who could lose their temper with the good little girl in Apt. 2? And what kind of anger followed?

I was a pretty mild-mannered child, the shy girl who lived on the second floor on the corner, overlooking the library on 111th Street. I lived there with my mom, who was also pretty mild-mannered now that I think of it. The idea that I would do anything bold enough to draw anger seems far-fetched.... Read more »

A chance to share: A writing contest on domestic violence

Domestic violence is suddenly on the news, and former NFLer Ray Rice is responsible for that. But DV is present every day in the lives of our communities, whether visible or not. The circles widen from one push, one punch, endless denigration, into the community. DV used to be surrounded by silence, but no more.... Read more »

Miracle revealed: Men tackle domestic violence thanks to Ray Rice!

As someone who has been part of the effort to figure out how to eliminate domestic violence, and who has said for years that men are the ones who should do the heavy lifting on this problem considering that they are usually the perpetrators, I am happy to report some good news: Men may have... Read more »

He’s not good enough for you: The story of Rihanna and Chris Brown

Well, hasn’t it been a time for the dashing of feminist hopes. With years of opportunity and growing financial independence, women imagined that by now they would have eliminated the need to cling to men who would make their lives worse instead of better. Enter domestic violence victim Rihanna, seen recently making out with her... Read more »