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Why is Barack Obama crying? Why is Mitt Romney smiling?

Mr. Cool and Aloof choked up in his final campaign speech? Well. After all this, it’s come down to tonight and the counting. There’s nothing more he can do, nothing more to worry about, in a way. What is it like to be him tonight? Is there a little corner of his heart that says,... Read more »

The 5 Worst Election Day Ideas 2012

#1. The notion that you vote in a flash in the sleepy old suburbs. Arrived at my polling place, usually an empty cavern, to find lines of voters waiting due to a backlog at the front desk. A young woman whose husband was listed but she wasn’t, despite her having received a new voter card... Read more »

Barack, We Hardly Knew Ye

In the past week, I had the very same conversation with friends of various political stripes, and the oddest thing happened each time. No one yelled, no one’s eye bulged out in hostility. Everyone agreed. The firebrand lefty, the well-heeled retiree, the young urban professional all agreed. It was so peaceful and collaborative. And rare.... Read more »