Creating a no-politics zone for Christmas: Peace on earth

What is the best thing about Christmas? Having the whole family in all its fascinating diversity together to celebrate, right? What is the worst thing? Fights breaking out over politics and the mad passions that get ignited that leave Uncle Ralph standing up and finger-pointing at Cousin Mitch who just said that he misses Obama more... Read more »

Call them survivors not victims: the power of language in sexual harassment

These women who have suffered sexual harassment or assault, these “accusers,”  these women  (and men) harmed by powerful men with no restraints – either internal or external – have been waiting for acknowledgement for a long time. Some spoke up and were ignored or sidelined. Others turned inward, embarrassed or ashamed or silently enraged, to deal with the trauma... Read more »

The public face and private cluelessness of the sexual harasser

The current deluge of sexual harassment stories is a real opportunity for all of us to come to understand the sexual predator in a whole new way. As we hear story after story, we can begin to see patterns, even as we retch at the details, from gropes and grabs to full-on assault. I see a natural... Read more »

Matt Lauer: The problem with your sexual harassment apology statement

Memo to Matt Lauer:: Re: Your sexual harassment apology Matt, nice statement but maybe you should have had someone look it over one more time before your people launched it. The emotional tone works, The line about getting past this issue being your full-time job now is a nice touch. But there is one glaring... Read more »

Dave's Mom, the Everymom

I miss Letterman at night when I used to take those last minutes of the day to settle in with someone with a bad attitude after I had spent all day being pleasant and positive and therapeutic. But I might miss Dave’s Mom more. Lately, oddly, I’ve been wondering about her, before I found out that... Read more »

Why do I procrastinate? I'll tell you tomorrow

Me, I don’t procrastinate, not anymore. Why am I bringing this up? Because our monthly Blogapalooza topic is “Write about what, why and how you procrastinate.” Well, okay. Except, not to brag,  I don’t. Not anymore. Well, okay, mostly I don’t.  Here’s why: I got older. Who’s got time to waste? I may only be here... Read more »

Time Travel Back to Your Childhood: It's still there

Yesterday, columnist Mary Schmich told a tale of inviting an older man in from the sidewalk to see the Chicago flat he grew up in, her flat, a beautiful read, as always with Mary. It ignited my memory of a visit I made a couple of years ago, when I was like the man on... Read more »

Looking at grieving through a new lens: The Book

I’ve been looking at the world through one lens for a while now, and it’s got my eyes open. I catch a bit of Mrs. Doubtfire on TV and it seems so sad to me. Funny too, but at its heart, so sad. I spend Tuesday nights with This Is Us waiting to learn how Jack died, and... Read more »

Pregnant and Afraid? Maybe this book will help

I read Follow the River by James Alexander Thom because my mother-in-law handed it to me. There I was, pregnant for the first time at 30, living down the street from her. She had five children, three of them by the time she was 30.   I had married her oldest nine years before and precious... Read more »

Who Will Win the Last Super Bowl, CTE or Lady Gaga?

Imagine February, 2067. It’s the 101st Super Bowl; the pregame shows share clips of Lady Gaga’s spectacular 2017 half-time show (right in there with the other ancient notables like the Rolling Stones, Beyonce, and Michael Jackson), Super Bowl commercials vie to be in all the day-after highlights reels; reporters struggle to come up with anything at all to report... Read more »