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The worst idea I ever had: Student teaching

I knew it was a mistake the very first day. There I stood, in front of a classroom of students at Lindblom High School. They looked somewhat interested to see what would transpire with this totally green, uncertain, freaked-out student teacher before them. How did I get myself into this? My fear is usually a... Read more »

5 things I learned from the Polar vortex visit to Chicago

Chicago is in the second day of thirty to forty degree below zero wind chills, and Chicagoans are busy congratulating each other about how we withstand our suffering, which constantly makes us ever smarter and stronger. I have learned a few things myself. 1. Appreciation of the little things, like my furnace and fireplace. 2.... Read more »

A Christmas grace that doesn’t mention God – Really?

How do you invite people of all religious and non-religious stripes to your Christmas Day table? Mainstream Christians have it easy – they have a common language and a shared viewpoint, and the words just flow. The rest of us can feel left out, marginalized, or at least uncomfortable, when our beliefs are not included.... Read more »

Watching from afar as my friend lost her battle with cancer

I watched from afar as my friend Susan died from a fast-spreading cancer that took hold in September, and let go in June, thirteen years ago now. We had been friends since college, and my family had recently moved to her town, imagining years of shared times ahead. She had this pain that wouldn’t go... Read more »

Loved the Book, Afraid to See the Movie – Big Mistake

Only in Key West, where pretty much anything goes, could you find a panel that includes both fiery screenwriter and former Scientologist Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby) and Judy Blume, author of children’s books that have sold 80 million copies worldwide (Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret).... Read more »

5 Good Reasons to Live in Chicago instead of San Diego

San Diego has perfect weather all year, I hear.Chicago does not. Of course, I hear that mostly from people who live there who used to live here. Pretty satisfied with themselves, they don’t know how we stand it, living here. I’d like to explain why a life in Chicago has more to offer than life... Read more »

The best parenting advice of all

Do you wish you could find out what is going on in the heads of your offspring? Do you wonder if your parenting ideas are working? Here is some advice for you, from a timeworn parent who is also a therapist. I have logged many hours trying to help families untangle their issues and rediscover... Read more »

My #1 Costco pet peeve: package hell

Costco and I are having trouble in our relationship – packaging trouble. I’ve been a member since 1997, and the rumblings have been there from the start. At my first trip, I bought batteries and ended up going after the package with a hacksaw. (If you have a hacksaw, everything looks like a board I... Read more »

Grieving 2.0

Scott Simon of NPR just threw the door open on a new way to grieve. While his mother lay dying in a Chicago hospital this weekend, he tweeted repeatedly about their conversations, his emotions, her condition, and finally her end. Instead of keeping it private, he shared with his 1.2 million followers, at least the... Read more »

Anthony Weiner, abusive husband

Anthony “weiner-for-brains” Weiner showed a particular talent yesterday for making a bad situation worse – parading his poor grim-looking wife Huma out in front of the media to listen to a new confession of his most recent 2012 pathetic photo sex play. The intent: for her to save him with her forgiveness, again. The result:... Read more »