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Who Will Win the Last Super Bowl, CTE or Lady Gaga?

Imagine February, 2067. It’s the 101st Super Bowl; the pregame shows share clips of Lady Gaga’s spectacular 2017 half-time show (right in there with the other ancient notables like the Rolling Stones, Beyonce, and Michael Jackson), Super Bowl commercials vie to be in all the day-after highlights reels; reporters struggle to come up with anything at all to report... Read more »

Cubs' Love: We needed this

This Cubs’ love is contagious. Evidence abounds. From my friend Greg: A Portuguese ship was spotted flying the W flag. His son, new at a job in a new city, was applauded when he entered the break room the day after the Game 6 win, and sent home by his boss (a Cleveland fan) to... Read more »

How to Understand Cubs' Love: The World Series Wall at Wrigley

Cubs’ Love goes beyond baseball. It’s not about goats and lovable losers and long droughts. It’s about connection. You can see it for yourself on the brick walls at Wrigley Field where people have been recording in chalk exactly what it means. It hints at why people all over the world are reveling in the Cubs... Read more »

Andrew Shaw: The gay slur and why he said it

Good day, Andrew Shaw, and welcome to your reprieve from being named the Steve Bartman of 2016. Last night, your Blackhawk teammates saved you by coming up with a double-overtime victory while you served your suspension. Now, all of you can go forward equally responsible for what happens next in this post-championship season. In this... Read more »

Are the Bears turning into the Cubs? A meditation on the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a pretty good metaphor for life: There is good and bad; somebody gets to win today and somebody’s got to lose; but there are snacks. 5 good things: Commercials we have a different relationship with compared to the entire rest of the year. We cheer for the underdog, like the company... Read more »