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The Other Reason to Shelter in Place from COVID-19: It's Changing You for the Better

Today’s post is a special salute for all who are sheltering in place/ quarantining/ staying at home, etc., not that we should get any particular credit for doing what we are supposed to do, known as the Right Thing, right? By now, I’m guessing everyone is noticing certain joys in our new confinement – increased... Read more »

Living on after a loved one's suicide: After Anthony Bourdain and all the others

Suicide – so final, so impulsive, so theoretically preventable, so hard to understand, so very hard to forgive. I am going to miss Anthony Bourdain, who died of suicide yesterday in Paris, a few days after fashion icon Kate Spade did in New York. I will miss Anthony in a devoted TV viewer sort of way. ... Read more »

My Favorite Post of All Time: Up the mountain to the past

Usually, as soon as I’ve finished writing one of these posts, it shifts automatically into my mental archive, so that when someone says, “Hey, I liked that last post,” I have to inquire what it was about. Once I send one out into the world, my brain gets busy searching for the next one. Yet... Read more »

On seeing older folks with walkers: Pity turns to inspiration

Here’s what I used to think when I saw an older person moving along with a walker: “Oh, poor thing!” Averting my eyes, I would try to distract myself before I started contemplating the obvious question, “What if that is me someday?” Then my own mother needed a walker after a series of falls, the... Read more »

My cabbie taught me a lesson: A chance encounter with America

My big question, before I climbed into cab #923, was what has America turned into lately – with the hatred and mockery and economic and racial divisions? The cabbie was a young man, eager to talk, from somewhere else, maybe the Middle East. We started with the weather. “This city,” he said, “I’ve lived here three... Read more »