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School Shootings: 4 things that should be obvious by now

18 school shootings so far in 2018, and it is only Valentine’s Day. Where will we be by July 4th, Veterans”s Day, Christmas? One thing we can all agree on, children should not be giving up their lives for our inaction on problems we continue to avoid. Here’s what looks obvious to me: To identify likely... Read more »

Creating a no-politics zone for Christmas: Peace on earth

What is the best thing about Christmas? Having the whole family in all its fascinating diversity together to celebrate, right? What is the worst thing? Fights breaking out over politics and the mad passions that get ignited that leave Uncle Ralph standing up and finger-pointing at Cousin Mitch who just said that he misses Obama more... Read more »

Obama's welcome letter to Trump: A few tips on being President

It is traditional for the outgoing president to leave a letter for his successor.  All the bloggers around here at ChicagoNow were invited to imagine what that letter might say. Here’s what I picture waiting on the desk in the Oval Office. Dear Donald: You and I started out in very different places, but both of... Read more »

What would Martin Luther King think of us today? Maybe he can help

What would Martin Luther King, Jr. think if he could see us today? Maybe he’d be more than surprised that we have a special day to commemorate his work. Perhaps he would look around our neighborhoods and wonder that so many still scream separateness? Perhaps he would be pleased to learn that words from his I... Read more »

Hit Bottom and Bounce Back: Healing our divided country

I once had a therapist friend who viewed everything through her therapist lens. She’d come from Pittsburgh, then a steel town on the decline. She diagnosed Pittsburgh as depressed, not only in an economic sense, but in mood and attitude too. She moved to Joliet where I met her, and after about three months, made... Read more »

What do Great Britain and the GOP have in common? A gigantic hulking need for a Do Over

Brits started frantically Googling “What is the EU?” just hours after voting to leave it. Extremely bad timing, folks. Now, too late, they are circulating petitions to ask for a second chance to vote, now that they understand the consequences, as if they can say, “No wait, we hadn’t studied yet. That was a pop... Read more »

Why I might not need to boycott Home Depot over Trump endorsement

The founder of Home Depot just endorsed Donald Trump. I must go to Home Depot between one and three times a week – nearby, has everything, has a nice person by the door to decode the logic of where to find things, laser-fast self-checkout. I must hear about Donald Trump 10,000 time a week even... Read more »

Brussels: Our old fears and our children's new ones

When baby-boomers like me were growing up, we knew that there was danger in the world, kind of. We knew about the Russians, our sworn enemies. We knew about fallout shelters. We knew that they’d won the space race and that we’d better get good at math and science so we could catch up. We... Read more »

Time for a personal news blackout: Outrage overload

I have just been diagnosed with news overload syndrome, by myself, a mental health professional. The symptoms became clear when I had to mute the TV to avoid hearing three straight reports on the morning news. Donald Trump and now Joe Biden want to be my president, Hillary’s idea of national security sounds pretty loose,... Read more »

Baby boomers are not elderly, thanks

This was a bad week for baby boomers. Hints of dismissal and irrelevancy are thick in the air. But boomers still have some fight in us and clearly it’s time to start using it. Nobody’s ready to be put out to pasture quite yet. Exhibit A: After the tragic tornados hit Fairdale IL, a WGN-TV... Read more »