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St. Patrick’s Day: A day to ponder where we came from and why

I’ve got bigger ideas in mind this St. Patrick’s Day than green beer and Irish dancers. It’s got me thinking about how we all got here into this grand but troubled country, and how the rifts between us continue. I guess I’m Irish, but not in a South-Side-Irish way of clans that live in the... Read more »

Binge-watching for good or evil: TED talks vs House of Cards

Binge-watching is seductive, even irresistible. Like many powerful weapons, it can be a force for good or for evil. Until yesterday, my binge-watching history exposed me to characters who do awful things. Now, I am trading them in for real people who operate on a higher plane. I found them at TED, the online collection... Read more »

Oscars 2015: The Year of the Blunder

My Oscars 2015 rundown: Blunder #1: Leaving Joan Rivers out of the In Memoriam list. Do you people not understand where your bread is buttered? She and her 20 years of snarky fashion commentary lavished so much attention on your event, and made the red carpet the thing we wanted to see, that you should... Read more »

What's in a name? Friendship, a group picture

My friendships flourish in a group with a name. It started with The Crew. This fledging group of friends threw me a surprise 15th birthday party after I’d suffered a major social humiliation (being rejected from the social sororities that ruled our school). Well, as sometimes happens, the consolation prize became the grand prize. We... Read more »

Robin Williams and Mrs. Doubtfire: Comedy and tragedy entwine

I saw “Mrs. Doubtfire” twice, first in the movie theater, second on a rainy Saturday afternoon alone at home. The first time I saw a comedy, silly, implausible, bold. The second, I saw the tragedy underneath, and cried the entire length of the movie. The plot was the same each time of course – a... Read more »

Movies collide: An Unmarried Woman meets Network

Two characters in two different moves have become tangled in my mind. They were both faced with the same ugly situation, but had wildly different reactions. Both learned that their trusted husbands were leaving them for someone else, someone younger and unencumbered, in midstream, with no warning Poof! There goes trust, and trust in their... Read more »