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The Sisters' Writing Club and why you should want in

The Sisters’ Writing Club, the latest chapter in my writing life, is the brainchild of my sister-in-law Nan. She proposed it and all of us signed on immediately. The club invites all five of us to write a brief piece on the same topic every month. We share our pieces via email, then respond with... Read more »

A Christmas grace everyone can share: Around your table and around the world

What I want for Christmas: Kindness. Diversity. Inclusion. Peace on earth. Empathy. Connection. One way to get such fine gifts: Make your holiday prayer/grace/invocation welcoming to all who are around your table and all around the world. Author Anne Lamott, not one to get all sentimental and dreamy and exclusive about prayer, says that there... Read more »

Creating a no-politics zone for Christmas: Peace on earth

What is the best thing about Christmas? Having the whole family in all its fascinating diversity together to celebrate, right? What is the worst thing? Fights breaking out over politics and the mad passions that get ignited that leave Uncle Ralph standing up and finger-pointing at Cousin Mitch who just said that he misses Obama more... Read more »

Pregnant and Afraid? Maybe this book will help

I read Follow the River by James Alexander Thom because my mother-in-law handed it to me. There I was, pregnant for the first time at 30, living down the street from her. She had five children, three of them by the time she was 30.   I had married her oldest nine years before and precious... Read more »

A grownup in grad school: The radical difference between me and my peers

In grad school, while studying and practicing to become a counselor, I became a grownup. I’d had other moments coming up that demonstrated to me that I wasn’t there yet – like when the checkout lady at the Hi-Low grocery store handed me the bag and said, “Well, little lady, I’d say you were old... Read more »

The best meal of my life: Fried chicken with memories

The best meal of my life was on a beautiful fall day, crisp and bright blue, the day of the memorial service following my mom’s death from Alzheimer’s Disease. She had died a few weeks earlier, under hospice care, with two of us present. The relief we felt was real, as the years’ long decline that took... Read more »

How to Understand Cubs' Love: The World Series Wall at Wrigley

Cubs’ Love goes beyond baseball. It’s not about goats and lovable losers and long droughts. It’s about connection. You can see it for yourself on the brick walls at Wrigley Field where people have been recording in chalk exactly what it means. It hints at why people all over the world are reveling in the Cubs... Read more »