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A Christmas grace everyone can share: Around your table and around the world

What I want for Christmas: Kindness. Diversity. Inclusion. Peace on earth. Empathy. Connection. One way to get such fine gifts: Make your holiday prayer/grace/invocation welcoming to all who are around your table and all around the world. Author Anne Lamott, not one to get all sentimental and dreamy and exclusive about prayer, says that there... Read more »

Call them survivors not victims: the power of language in sexual harassment

These women who have suffered sexual harassment or assault, these “accusers,”  these women  (and men) harmed by powerful men with no restraints – either internal or external – have been waiting for acknowledgement for a long time. Some spoke up and were ignored or sidelined. Others turned inward, embarrassed or ashamed or silently enraged, to deal with the trauma... Read more »

Practicing compassion, and teaching your kids: #1000speak

When I was in counseling grad school, it was the fashion to see children as not yet ready for empathy and compassion, as if they had to get through their self-involved it’s-all-about-me years before they could develop an ear for others’ needs. That never seemed right to me – I’d always had a soft spot... Read more »