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It’s Donna Day 2015: Her short and important life

Today is Donna Day. Never heard of it before? Well, listen up. Donna was a livewire, dancer, adorable girl who died. She died four years ago, at the age of four, after surviving brain cancer as long as she could. I know about Donna because her mom is Sheila Quirke, a well-known blogger known as... Read more »

Jackie Robinson West stripped of title: What I hope the boys understand

So, it was too good to be true. Scrappy team from the South Side, with the support of parents, coaches, neighborhoods, and eventually the whole city, wins the national Little League title. And then goes to the Little League World Series and plays with heart and good sportsmanship, loses big, but ends up goofing around... Read more »

Where can you see David Bowie, Alexander McQueen, and decades of our history? Run to the Museum of Contemporary Art before it's too late

If you are in Chicago, run to the Museum of Contemporary Art and see the David Bowie Is exhibit.  If you are elsewhere, fly in. Chicago is the only stop for this extravaganza in the U.S. Hurry – it’s only here until January 4, 2015. Even though I was around for David Bowie’s entire career, I... Read more »